The Number 23 Strikes Again


Before going into this, let me say that my heart goes out to the victims and families of the Time Square attack. What Richard Rojas, did, was beyond wicked. There are not enough words to define his actions. Usually, I would leave this kind of news to mainstream and trending, news outlets, but this incident set off my,  fnord alarm.  There are two things in this situation that scream a much deeper conspiracy.

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On October 25, 2012, CNBC ran an article about a 43 trillion-dollar lawsuit against top ranking US government officials and Wall street bankers. It was a money laundering and racketeering enterprise that they were running and the list of the accused included bankers and a few White House officials. It was most shocking to see CNBC covering such a story. One of the executives of CNBC, Kevin Krim, most likely was the man who green lit the story.

That same day, the media reported the gruesome, heart wrenching story of how mother, Marina Krim, and her 3 year old daughter, came home from a dance class and found her other two children, who were under the care of their long time nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, lifeless in a bathtub full of blood and the nanny was also on the ground, critically wounded.

That was the first version.

Then it was reported that the mother walked in and found the nanny still alive, standing over the bathtub, before she (Ortega) began stabbing herself repeatedly in the throat. Many people who knew the family and Yoselyn, always said she loved the children very much and even went on family vacations with the Krims and they too would come with her to visit her own family in the Dominican Republic.

What would make a woman who never had any mental illness or animosity towards this family and kids of her own, do such a heinous act? And why would the story of how the nanny was found change too? Most importantly, the media never mentioned any connection between the coverage of the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit and Kevin Krim!

Keep in mind how fast these events unfolded since the CNBC posted this article:

Fullscreen capture 10262012 11931 PM

Check out the timeline and come to your own conclusion whether this was message sent out from powerful banksters (bank gangsters) to all media outlets about running that article courtesy of WHITEOUTPRESS:

  • At 2:00pm on October 25, 2012, CNBC, the business and stock market network, reportedly aired or posted a story about a $43 trillion lawsuit against America’s most powerful people for their role in the Federal Reserve and the recent global economic collapse. Blacked-out by the mainstream news media and considered by most to be a frivolous suit, the legal claim against a host of America’s most powerful bankers and politicians has none the less moved into federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

*View the original screenshots of the CNBC article at the blog Sherrie Questioning All.

  • On that day, the nanny, 50 year-old Yoselyn Ortega, was watching the young Krim family children, ages 2 and 6 – the children of CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim. The kids’ mother was with the third sibling out of the house.
  • At 5:30pm, Ortega did not show up with the two children to meet Marina Krim and her third child. Krim, now a worried mother, races home where she is locked out of her own house. Entering with the assistance of a neighbor, Mrs. Krim finds her two children in the bath tub and Ortega on the floor, all three covered in blood.
  • Marina Krim releases an ear-piercing, blood-curdling scream reported by many witnesses and neighbors. The police arrive.
  • Within the hour, the children are pronounced dead and the nanny is put into a medically-induced coma.
  • Almost immediately after, CNBC takes down the news article about the $43 trillion lawsuit against America’s richest and most powerful men.
  • A unified chorus of US media outlets immediately begins to parrot the same false news story, pummeling viewers and listeners with the same two falsehoods. One, that the nanny repeatedly stabbed herself in the neck after the kids’ mother walked into the bathroom. The official report is that the mother found the nanny laying on the bathroom floor, already stabbed. And two, that the nanny Yoselyn Ortega had been instantly arrested and charged with the murders. The fact is that Ortega was unresponsive when police arrived on the scene and she was immediately put into a forced coma by hospital personnel. Ortega wasn’t interviewed by police or charged until the following weekend when she was brought out of her coma and she refused to admit responsibility for the homicides.

I’ve ruled out mind control as what could have caused the nanny to kill the children and then silence herself as many “robots” or monarch mind control slaves, are programmed to do. It would have taken some time to do this and to me this looked like an immediate retaliation.

The only other thing I can think of is that an assassin was sent to the Krims home and as much as it must pain them to do so, are forced to play along with the cover up story of their nanny being the culprit. It saddens me to think of what happened that evening and even more when I think of what those two children, would have become in the future. This was wrong and all though the media and the guilty want us to…we can’t forget. I can’t forget.

I remember.


kids murdered were ages 2 and 6….6/2=(23)


Day of the murder October 25, 2012…5-2=3…20 +1+2=(23)


Bodies were discovered at 5:30…5-3=(23)