Man Records UFO Sighting…World Laughs…WTF??!

Let’s just cut to the chase. Most people are so programmed that they blind to the things that are happening right in front of their eyes. This video from 11 months ago (11 in time is the same as 23), shows a real UFO sighting with no VFX bullshit. You can always tell by the reaction of the people behind the camera, whether or not it is a hoax. With this video, the man’s reaction to the UFO’s is so over the top (courtesy of the degrading Worldstarhiphop) that everyone that sees this video ignores the footage and focuses on the man’s rant. Please watch this video and tell me whether or not this is real. I’ve witnessed my own UFO sighting 3 years ago and I know what they look like.  This, in my opinion, is the real deal.


Inside The MK Ultra Institution…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and with good reason. I’ve been on a most extraordinary journey collecting information and discovering stranger things about this world than I ever did before. Stay tuned. There’s A LOT more where this came from. Welcome back, my followers!

This video, tells the story of my time working inside of the MK Ultra institution, years after the program was shut down. Even still, the dark energies that lingered were still present and powerful.

Another Strange Sighting In The Sky! (video below)


It’s been exactly one year since I started, The Chrononaut Report and in that time, I’ve learned more about this world than I have in the 30 something years of my existence. It all began with a mission to document and leave information online for someone who will need to find it. I have no idea who this person is yet (if it even is a person), or if I will even know who it is but I feel like I’m coming closer to the end of my journey. A month ago, I received a message from someone claiming to be a fan of the blog, who goes by the name of, W.

W has provided me with some very interesting stories to investigate that have a direct connection to the purpose of me being here. Last week I saw three UFOs within the same vicinity. One on a Wednesday, then two, one week later. A few days after that, a strange object appeared in the middle of sky, out of nowhere, rocketing up into space, leaving a trail of bright, gold’ish smoke.

Below is the video of what occurred.


My Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind


What is a close encounter of the fifth kind, or CE-5? It is a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, characterized by mutual, bilateral communication. Basically, humans contacting aliens to make visual contact with one another.

A few weeks ago, I received a cryptic message from my mysterious contact, W, stating:

“Keep your eyes to the skies”

(I hesitated to mention W in this post in fear that it would make the story sound more make-believe than it already does but because this is how it happened and I am not fabricating any of this, I included him…)

For the next few days, I did just that…kept my eyes to the skies. Any time I went outside I’d look to the skies waiting for something to happen. Part of me expected to see planes or birds falling but then, something finally happened… Continue reading

Another Cubed Shaped UFO?!!


Last November, I wrote a post about a dream I had about an alien invasion which was proceeded by a real invasion that occurred in Montreal one afternoon. The UFO that had entered our skies was described as rectangular or cubed. I found that odd and unique, seeing how I hadn’t heard any UFO described as anything with right angles.

When this video emerged last week on YouTube, for the first time, a crippling fear came over me. Something in the back of my mind prays that this is nothing more than a hoax…but my gut is telling me otherwise and unfortunately…I tend to go with my gut a lot.