Man Records UFO Sighting…World Laughs…WTF??!

Let’s just cut to the chase. Most people are so programmed that they blind to the things that are happening right in front of their eyes. This video from 11 months ago (11 in time is the same as 23), shows a real UFO sighting with no VFX bullshit. You can always tell by the reaction of the people behind the camera, whether or not it is a hoax. With this video, the man’s reaction to the UFO’s is so over the top (courtesy of the degrading Worldstarhiphop) that everyone that sees this video ignores the footage and focuses on the man’s rant. Please watch this video and tell me whether or not this is real. I’ve witnessed my own UFO sighting 3 years ago and I know what they look like.  This, in my opinion, is the real deal.


Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…#4: Renaissance and Aliens?

This 15th century painting attributed Domenico Ghirlandaio is well-known among alien theorists. It shows an object floating in the distance that has captured the attention of the man in the background. The object is glowing and has radiant beams of light extending in all directions.


There are times when I’m down for a good debate on whether or not extra terrestrials do exist. I discovered this about 2 or 3 years ago, when a buddy of mine came back from his first trip to Europe. Knowing how much of a conspiracy theorist I was, he couldn’t wait to show me some “freaky sh#t!” He whipped out his Iphone, skipped over several awkward selfies (and I’m pretty sure I saw a selfie of him crying) and showed me a picture of the painting above.

First thing he pointed out was the presence of UFO’s in the background in the sky. I asked what year this was painted and he told me that they were all from the Renaissance period which if I’m not mistaken was during the 14th century. How could they know about UFOs if the first sighting didn’t happen (according to history) until 1947? Aerodynamic vehicles were no where close to being invented and there was no such thing as science fiction…so I ask you…why are there details of paranormal activity in a time when there was no such thing?

Here’s another mind f**k that makes ya go hmmmmm…Notice that most of these paintings are depictions of key moments in Christ’s life:

This XVII century fresco depicts the crucifixion of Christ and is located in Cathedral Svetitskhoveli town of Mtskheta, Georgia. Pay attention to the two UFOs on each side of Christ with stylized flame jets from jet engines.
Aert de Gelder was one of Rembrandt’s most talented pupils as well as one of his most devoted followers. He painted The Baptism of Christ in the 17th century and the scene needs no introduction. However, he chose to depict the Holy Spirit in a way that catches the eye of most ufologists. One can clearly see a disk-shaped metallic object shining rays of light on John the Baptist and Jesus Christ