There is a lot of mystery behind the band members of the 1910 Fruitgum Company, who were a bubble gum band from the 60’s that apparently, Mark Hamill, was a part of…and does not want anyone to know about! In author, music producer/engineer and time traveler, Preston Nichols, book, “The Music of Time”, he talks about working Mark and his brother, Chuck, who were both very much into the esoteric world and were both great writers and composers. There was even speculation that Chuck, was, in fact, a time traveler himself! Mark grew up in his neighbor and took part in his ESP experiments frequently.


It wasn’t uncommon for record labels, back in those days, to use different vocalists on records, à la, Milli Vanilli (if you catch my drift), so it would be easy for Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill and his brother to record mind control music and then take themselves out of the equation. (they record the vocals, someone else does the lip singing)

Preston also claims that the Hamill brothers were the geniuses behind The Moody Blues album, “Days of Future Passed” which coincidentally is the album that inspired the Beatles to create, “Sgt. Pepper’s…”. It is even said that Jim Morrison got his hands on a few of Hamill’s esoteric poetry and turned them into songs.Below are some images of Mark Hamill playing drums and posing on the album cover (Mark is the one with the glasses)rusty

I know you are looking at these photos and saying “THIS GUY IS FULL OF SHIT! THAT AIN’T LUKE SKYWALKER!”

Well…guess what I uncovered?

He was involved in a bizarre car crash that left him with a broken nose and other shattered bones in his face. News reports that came from eyewitnesses say they saw him crawling out of his the burning vehicle that had driven off a cliff. He denied the severity of the incident.

In an interview, Mark said:

I had the accident way before Star Wars came out, but what really happened has been terribly distorted. I broke my nose, that’s it! But I’ve read accounts about how my face has been reconstructed with plastic surgery and how I was pulling myself along the highway with one arm looking for help. I even heard that I drove off a cliff! That’s the best one of all. (Attributed to an unidentified “fan magazine”)

What Mark fails to mention here, is that he had no recollection of what happened after he lost control of the vehicle. He woke up in the hospital, lucky to be alive. This allowed them to reconstruct his face, making him. After the surgery he was unrecognizable!

If all of this is true, then we would even have to question how and why he was chosen to play Luke Skywalker, in the biggest science fiction movie of all time? Author Fritz Springmeier (The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave), talks about using shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars (Wizard of OZ gets an honorable mention) as landscapes for the worlds in which the slaves alter egos exist.

It seemed as if Mark Hamill was programmed to believe that the accident wasn’t as severe as witnesses claimed it was and thinks that the only thing he needed to fix was his nose when in fact, they altered his identity! That way, no one can ever know that the man who created mind control music was, in fact, their beloved sci-fi icon even if it was after the first movie.

Before signing off, I must add a final thought…

Based on what Preston Nichols had said about Mark’s brother, Chuck being a time traveler, imagine these two powerful musicians/brothers, devised a plan to get Mark the part of Luke, a part that he was not meant to have!? By predicting the future and getting that part, Mark could have created a new timeline that we all exist in now.

To date, Mark Hamill has fully denied any involvement in the music industry, mind control and other esoteric hobbies that Preston Nichols claimed in his book. Apparently, Mark really wants to punch this guy dead in the face for publishing that book! The question is…why get so worked up if you know that the author is lying? Plus, not a lot of people are even aware of this information, so why sweat it? Seems to me, Mr. Hamill might have something to hide.

If all of this is true, then I highly recommend that you take caution while playing the video at the bottom here…the lyrics are designed to hypnotize you and make you do things against your will…





Where do I even begin with this one? There are so many complex layers with Manson, the Beatles and a conspiracy to reprogram the minds of teens in the 1960’s. I think it’s best to stick to the heart of the matter which is the mind control triggers that were implanted in the songs of the, “White Album” – more specifically – “Helter Skelter”

It is a known fact that Charles Manson was obsessed with the Beatles. He played their records dozens of times, over and over and over but even with that much repetitious play, there were certain people in his “Family”, that claimed that they were not hearing the same lyrics he was. They took that as a sign that Charlie was a prophet.

During a chimerical vision, Charles saw an apocalyptic race war coming. A war between black America and white America. He believed that once he and his Family released an empowering album they were working on, white female hippies would leave San Francisco and join him. As a result of that, black men, who were then free to fornicate with white woman due to the free love movement going on back in the 60’s, would then become so deprived, they would turn their frustrations on the rest of white America and then racists and non-racists whites would kill each other. Meanwhile, he and his followers would move to an underground city, hidden under Death Valley (a route to this place was also encoded in the song apparently), where they would stay until the blacks had wipe out all the whites who lived on the surface. This would be his moment to lead the remaining white people back to the surface where they would reclaim America (because blacks would not be able to maintain it) and send blacks, who were not killed, back to Africa – and they lived happily ever after…

This message was delivered to his people on New Year’s Eve, 1968 – and he called this event, “Helter Skelter”.  This is what he had understood from the Beatles song:



What They Said: When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide/ Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride

What He Heard: A reference to the Family’s emergence from “the Bottomless Pit,” the underground Death Valley hideaway where the group will escape the violence of Helter Skelter

What They Said: Look out… Helter Skelter… She’s coming down fast… Yes she is.

What He Heard: The upcoming explosion of race-based violence is imminent. These are the “last few months, weeks, perhaps days, of the old order.”  In My Life with Charles Manson, Paul Watkins, makes clear Manson construed “she” as a reference to the words “helter skelter” themselves. It is Helter Skelter—which, in America, at least, can be the noun “confusion” —that is coming down fast, i.e., is imminent.

When Charles Manson’s album never came to fruition, the prophecy was not fulfilled. It was all supposed to go down the summer of 1969. Charles still convinced that Helter Skelter was ready had this to say: “Blackie never did anything without whitey showin’ him how,” he said. “It looks like we’re gonna have to show blackie how to do it.”

On August 8, 1969, the day Manson instructed his followers to carry out the first of two sets of notorious murders, he told the Family, “Now is the time for Helter Skelter.” When the murderers returned to Spahn Ranch, the Family’s Los Angeles area headquarters, after the crime, Manson asked Tex Watson, the sole man among them, whether it had been Helter Skelter. “Yeah, it was sure Helter Skelter,” Watson replied.

At the conclusion of the second set of murders, the following night, one of the killers wrote “Healter Skelter” on the refrigerator of the house in which the murders took place. That, along with other references to Beatles songs, was written in blood.

Now here’s another connection. Manson’s family murdered Tanya Tate, who was married to, infamous European director, Roman Polanksi. Polanksi was very close to the Beatles who in return were very fond of both Roman and Tanya. They expressed shock and sorrow over the tragedy and were disgusted by Charles Manson and what he did to their music.

I do believe that hidden triggers were implanted into key songs on the White Album because just one look at Manson’s childhood, there is no doubt that he was being programmed (everything from abandonment, no father figure and extreme sexual abuse at a correctional facility for boys).

One last thing…Charles believed that what he was hearing was absolutely true based on one solid nail in the coffin…the album was called “White”…in his mind, there was no other color to be.