Two years ago, Paul Hellyer came forward and revealed something that should have had a bigger impact on media outlets all over the world – but instead – it came and went and at most, it intrigued some and tired others. Could it be signs of dementia in an aging man or the truth finally revealed?

With the recent influx in UFO sightings, I’m starting to believe it has to do with CERN and the LHC. They are observing us, making sure we don’t destroy our world and others. At the same time, the alleged Greys, who are supposed to be the malevolent race of aliens that are among the 4 species that have visited earth, might be observing for another reason…

They want to use the LHC as a weapon.

Watch the video and see what Paul Hellyer has to say about it all and then you can, as always, choose to believe or dismiss it. Either way, I couldn’t let this one fade away…I wanted you to know because I remember and something like this should not be forgotten.




To say that you have been out smarted by Homer Simpson, is pretty much saying that you are a “brain moron!” (as said by Mr. Burns…never knew what that meant but it was hilarious nonetheless). Now imagine, you, a theoretical physicist  at a distinguished university and five of your physicist buddies, work your asses off to find the missing piece of the puzzle that would explain the big bang theory!

48 years later, you and CERN work together to build the Large Hadron Collider that smashes protons together at the speed of light (or close to it), which allows them to re-create the event that occurred right after the big bang and…boom! You discover the answer to life’s biggest mystery…this is a groundbreaking moment! You have made history! Heck, the discovery is even named after you, which is a pretty big deal!


Imagine, you are at a dinner party filled with the elite of the science community and you are the center of attention  at this huge shindig! While you are in the middle of a pretentious story about how you came upon your monumental discovery, you notice a fat slob with tartar sauce on his cheek, hovering over the seafood table. You decide to make a joke about him which works out perfectly when he bends over to pick up a shrimp he dropped and splits the back of his uber tight dress pants…you are disgusted by this brain moron and let it be known.

As you go on and on about the discovery of the God Particle, the fat slob joins in the conversation…

“Oh! You’re that…uhhhh…Jiggs Tyson feller, no?”

“It’s called, Higgs Boson…” you reply, offended that he is even talking to you.

“Ya. I had that there thing figga’d out ages ago”

You and the crowd erupt with laughter until the slob shows you old video footage, uploaded to his Iphone of himself writing out the equation that determined the mass of the God Particle, 14 years before you and your CERN flunkies! After authenticating the footage, you realize the brain moron is telling the truth…

Basically…that’s how everyone at CERN feels right now! (JOKE!!!!)

Obviously, the writers behind this were some serious mathematicians. The writer of this particular episode, said he consulted his friend who was an astronomer at Columbia U,  who then gave him the equation. The writer slipped it in there without telling anyone where it came from. I believe what you see in the image above is Homer about to solve to the equation…it is incomplete by one or two variables.

A part of me wishes that this would have remained an unsolved mystery, Easter egg on the Simpsons and not a real discovery made by CERN and Higgs. The repercussions of this will be catastrophic in the future. More on this in my next post…