This is a short chapter sample, from the forthcoming sci-fi thriller, The House of Infinite Doors, by Dwayne Adams. The name of the chapter is, The Final Flight of Air Force One. Check out the promo vid below also, and leave your feedback!



My name is Mical Dorn and I am the author of this blog…

Last November, 23 days before my birthday, I witnessed strange things occurring in the 5th dimension, for the first time in my life. These last few months I’ve been tumbling down one of many rabbit holes, following the lead of my white rabbit who coincidentally goes by the initial, “W”.

I began to uncover things that were wrong with this world.

The first thing I noticed was how “holographic” it was. There are so many illusions around us that I had to wonder…what was the source? What do I mean by “the source”? I’m talking about where these illusions are coming from. When I began seeing UFOs and experiencing vivid dreams, I sensed that something astronomical was going to happen to mankind.

After my last dream experience and conversation with W, I’ve decided to take my message to the next level…video! I’m completely out of my element here, but understand the importance of it. I will be communicating to all of you like this, once a week. Twice if it’s a two part post.

Stay tuned…

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)…Based On A True Story!


A few things I’d like to point out before you click on the link…first…the movie was based on the story of two crew members of the USS Eldrige, who were on board the ship the day of the Philadelphia Experiment, where the ship disappeared from our timeline during a cloaking experiment. The two crew members  (Al Bielek and Ed Cameron) jumped overboard when the ship was trapped in between dimensions and traveled to the future. Second…the name of the company behind the movie…“New World Pictures”. With that said, check it out and judge for yourself, whether or not you believe this really happened.


Jani Schofield, who is a girl that has been diagnosed with a very severe case of schizophrenia,  sees over 200 hallucinations and they come from her “hallucinated” island “Calalini”. I first saw her on an episode of Oprah but didn’t really pay any attention to the case. Not because I’m insensitive to people who suffer from schizophrenia, but because it was a familiar situation that I thought at the time, I had heard a million times before.

It wasn’t until Oprah asked her about the things she sees, that I started to pay very close attention. Continue reading