I Remember #7: The Case of the Missing 2.3 Trillion Dollars


The day before the 9/11 attacks, there was senate meeting, to address 2.3 trillion dollars that was unaccounted for, from the pentagon. In that meeting, Donald Rumsfeld, spoke out against outrageous spending from the DOD (Department of Defense).

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Astronaut Tweets Picture of UFO From Space!


Three days after the release of this photo by astronaut, Scott Kelly, on Twitter, the ISS live stream feed was replaced by a blue screen for a few hours. The feed is currently up and running again. Wonder why it went down so suddenly after this photo came out?



“I’m a gonna build myself a time machine
On particle physics and the power steam
It runs on diesel oil and Donnie Darko daydreams
Packed a pair of socks and a hunting rifle
Change of underwear and some snacks to trifle
Scared of going back you know how I’m forgetful

To go back and to see the way things really used to be
Not the way we remember them at all…”