Fnord Alert!!! Another “23” Connection At Ariana Grande Concert


On May 22, 2017, another horrific event occurred involving the number 23. A suicide bomber killed 19 people at an Ariana Grande concert. There is an Illuminati connection here, that cannot be ignored. The fact that it was her concert was not a coincidence at all. I believe Ariana Grande was targeted because she is an Illuminati monarch mind control slave, who draws in thousands, upon thousands of fans to her shows. A perfect setting and location for a terrorist attack…OR…this was, yet again, another staged an event to distract the public from something much bigger.

She is and has always been, used to brainwash adolescent girls, through her music.  Her whole image (very lolita’ish) is a pedophile’s fantasy. We know that Ariana Grande is unfortunately programmed by an Illuminati handler and most likely suffers from MPD or as they call it today, DID (disassociate identity disorder). Why do I say this? Well, from my personal experience with people with that “condition”, I discovered that with certain personalities that come forward, some of them cannot look at certain sides of their face in the mirror. It’s as if each side represented an individual personality, and confronting it would cause a major breakdown. It is a known fact, that Ariana Grand, cannot look at the right side of her face. Any photo of her right side has been inverted.


Another thing that seemed very off to me, is the fact that the bomb did not go off until after the show. It’s almost like that was part of the agreement. Ask yourself this question: Why did the bomb go off on the other end of the venue as suppose to in the middle of the crowd while the show is going on. I think that would be a lot worse. On top of that, why wouldn’t Isis, arrange for the suicide bomber to get close enough Ariana Grande to possibly kill or injure her? What? Does Isis ride around singing, “You got me rockin’ from side to side”? Ok…well, maybe, but still! You have to admit that there is something strange about this. Not to mention, the image that multiple media sources ran with was of a father holding his daughter, who has a big 23 on the arm of her jacket.

Since this tragedy, celebrities have launched a social media campaign for their fellow a-lister, by posting their support for Ariana. Ummmm. I’m sorry, but no one, but the families and surviving victims should be receiving sympathy and empathy.

Beware. If this is going to be a new thing Isis does, they might target other “slaves” like: Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, and Nicki Minaj.








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