The Number 23 Strikes Again


Before going into this, let me say that my heart goes out to the victims and families of the Time Square attack. What Richard Rojas, did, was beyond wicked. There are not enough words to define his actions. Usually, I would leave this kind of news to mainstream and trending, news outlets, but this incident set off my,  fnord alarm.  There are two things in this situation that scream a much deeper conspiracy.



In the midst of a major political scandal, involving the president, who was never meant to be, the FBI and the CIA, a Navy veteran, wreaks havoc, in a highly populated, tourist spot. These actions create fear and serve as a distraction to a much bigger plot. It is no secret that the soldiers of all branches of the military have subjected to experiments both physical and psychological. Friends and family of Mr. Rojas said that although he had mental issues since he was young, Richard was never the same after he came back from serving his term.  The question here is…why was Rojas, recruited if he had a pre-existing condition? Did it make it easier to program him a la MK Ultra?



Once a drug test was conducted, it was reported that Richard Rojas had PCP in his system. According to his confession, he smoked weed laced with angel dust before injuring all of those twenty-two, innocent tourists and taking the life of one, young girl. That makes a total of 23 victims.

Something that should be noted here is that marijuana is typically known, as a counter measure to the Illuminati programming. Most articles are claiming that he smoke weed in their click bait titles, but only mention that it was mixed, later on in the article.

In closing, let this report show, that Richard Rojas, did not kill himself afterward nor did the police have to kill him. It was not for lack of trying, as Richard claimed that voices told him that he would die. This robot was not programmed to shut down. We can put this in the archives along with James Holmes, and Yoselyn Ortega.

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