He believes he is a God. His ego? Through the roof!

He’s so obsessed with materialistic things, that he believes that building schools in Africa is a waste of money that can be used towards his fashion line….

Would a man in his right man truly say these words? I highly doubt it.

Since the death of his mother, a strange death I might add, Mr. West has been very much out of control. He loved her so much. Took her everywhere he went…so proud to show off his mother…THEY saw that…and wanted all of it to end. The death of a loved one is a powerful trauma based memory. Think of young Magneto in X-MEN FIRST CLASS, when they shot his mother right in front of him to trigger his power…


The Illuminati does this to create a trauma based mind control persona. Kanye West is their robot to program and the robot is malfunctioning and at rapid rate. Let’s explore one major example…

The Taylor Swift incident was programmed to trigger one of his multiples, that would get up on stage as the big bad African-American Wolf (makes me wonder about his song called WOLVES) bullies and scares the poor innocent country singing, Caucasian. That moment for most Americans was the straw that broke Jay-Z the camel’s back. How did that alternate personality come forward right at that moment? Perhaps Beyonce’s music or images from the video they were showing for the nominees triggered it?

This incident created two side effects…1) Leaves a subliminal distaste towards black men…2) shows that Kanye has no respect for women. Notice how many pictures of him showed that bottle of Hennessy, ¾’s done…then conveniently, Kanye uses that as an excuse for his behavior. I believe they call that setting up the plot.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Pete Wentz (L) of Fall Out Boy Kanye West (C) and Amber Rose talk at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
Rapper/Producer Kanye West with girlfriend Amber Rose 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) held at the Radio City Music Hall - Arrivals Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 13 Sep 2009 Credit: A. Miller/WENN
Credit: A. Miller/WENN


Holding a decapitated female’s head…yeah…no issues there.

This was the first of many incidents, but let’s look at his lyrics and the truth behind them.

Mentions: “I sold my soul to the devil for a crappy deal/least it came with a few toys like a happy meal…” = Gave up my mother for this…at least I got some perks.

ANOTHER lyric refers to satanic rituals: “At night there was séance…all kids no parents…” = satanic ritual involving the sacrifice of young children in hopes of absorbing their soul power.

These rituals take place mostly at these LA parties thrown by the powerful moguls and executives of the industry. Secret rooms with young boys and girls, animals, BDSM, orgies, blood sacrifices and even feasting on roasted infants, all happen at these parties. (No More Parties In LA)

With each sacrifice that the robot makes, they are given a reward. So when you see Britney Spears with her own extremely successful line of perfume, believe me, she had to do something or give up someone to get that. More than likely she has been used in many sex slave scenario as would Kanye West. The same thing happens to the men.

Things are going to get pretty graphic…

The reason Kanye got Adidas instead of Nike and why he is struggling to find funding is simple…For Nike, he probably had to either sacrifice another or a few family members. If he wasn’t willing to go that route then you offer the children. These demons bastards loooove them some little baby girls and boys! (You make babies send them to us, we give you the Jordan treatment…NIKE!) Probably didn’t want to do that either…so they offer him the next best thing…give us yourself to do what we wilt to your body…and mind. They take pictures and videos of the robot in compromising positions to blackmail you later on.

One thing I believe is that they have evidence that Kanye is homosexual and living a big lie which connects to why he is always beefing with women…he would never do this to men. Count how many times 50 has insulted Kanye…you’d think he would fire back by now, no? There’s some very interesting photos that suggest that he was having an affair with designer Ricardo Tisci.



When a human is subjected to torture that is physical, by means of rape and mental abuse or trauma based memories…the mind will do one of two things. It either splinters or the trauma breaks you. If you are lucky and your mind splinters, during the rape and torture, you can shut down your senses by becoming another persona…I am convinced that this is the choice Kanye West made.

As a result of this happening to him every time he needed to reach that next fame high, he comes to enjoy these dark twisted acts…hence the album My Dark Twisted Fantasy. Notice the artwork and how monstrous and deformed the creatures are…that is most likely how he sees himself as one of the alters. If you look at artwork done by people with MPD, you will see shocking similarities between them.


MJ 2010 drawings 10


I’ve noticed about 3 different personalities come forth in Kanye. The regular shit talking dude who makes incredible music. The wild female who is like Shanaynay on meth. That is the, YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY, Kanye. And last, I noticed this calm, apologetic man who appreciates art and fashion, and speaks very flamboyantly and quite slow even (Jimmy Kimmel check 1:10 mark)…that is the gay side I believe that wants to come out really bad.

I mentioned how Kanye is an illuminati robot. Have you noticed that he uses auto-tune more than ever now on most of his songs? Perhaps he is more comfortable hearing what he believes he is supposed to sound like…808 and Heartbreak…

Now, Kanye is there to serve one purpose. He is a robot for a reason. To brainwash masses. His need to dominate the fashion world, as every straight man aspires to do, has steered him off his programmed path.

He wants to be perceived as straight I believe and hooks up with women like Amber Rose and Kim.

Classic beard move…classic beard move.

But, his handler and programmers, most likely Kris Jenner and whoever owns Def Jam, do not want him to become the new Anna Wintour…they need his music. So now the robot rebels…the result of his rebellion is Yeezus, where he called him a God and declared war against his controllers. This cost him funding and it was very clear in his stage show. If you remember he pulled a hissy fit with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z after Pepsi gave them that tour money?

Knowing that the robot, Mr. West, would soon self destruct, it was time for him to serve his main purpose. When Kanye chose to wear a skirt kilt on stage during the Watch The Throne tour and was seen backstage trying it on and arguing with the wardrobe designers to get the pleats right…this was the catalyst for young rappers to start wearing skirts and tube tops, then turn around and swear that they are not gay. Just look at Will Smith’s son, Jaden. He was on the cover of Women’s Vogue and actively wears a skirt now.




Then we finally come to TLOP…more robotic than ever. Apparently, he had borrowed a lot of money from Jay-Z that he couldn’t pay back. If I’m not mistaken, Kanye had pulled out of the TIDAL deal a year ago…so I guess the album being free was almost like Jay saying, “It’s incomplete….i’m not selling no incomplete garbage….i’m giving it away for free…and  you still owe me money…”

Jump to a few days ago when Kanye announces on twitter that he will be dropping a new album this summer, one week after the release of his currently new album….

I think Common, Consequence and Cudi were wise to move away from the dark energy surrounding G.O.O.D MUSIC. I hope that Mr West finds his way back to reality…whatever that may be. Might I suggest moving back to Chicago and reuniting with family and friends who really care about you? Visit a real church perhaps and hear what true gospel is supposed to sound like.

Listen to Rhymefest and get some help before you end up on CNN with the headline: “Rapper Kanye West kills himself and wife, Kim Kardashian…” The robot’s final order has been carried out.

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