Floating Cities Or Mirages?


Is it any coincidence that floating cities have begun popping up, around the same time CERN is about to make contact with a parallel universe? I sense a huge connection between the two. One of my theories is that a version of CERN on the “other side” (alternate universe), that is doing the same kind of LHC experiment but advancing at a slightly faster pace than CERN on our side. There is a good chance that those cities are seen through- wormholes!

Weather experts are calling it a case of Fata Morgana, an optical illusion of distant objects. What doesn’t make sense is that the same weather condition could happen in China…


…and just recently, southern England.


If this is a hoax, I applaud the twisted minds behind the early April Fool’s Day (which is the greatest April Fool’s Day prank). If it is in fact Fata Morgana, I look forward to researching this phenomena but…if my theory proves correct, the world as we know it is about to forever change.

Thank you to my new friend, W, who sent me the videos this morning.

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