I REMEMBER #5: The Real Genesis of Terminators Has Already Begun! (MUST SEE VIDEO)


I REMEMBER when I first saw this video back in 2011 and wondered how the media was going to run this story. I waited and waited and realized that none of the major outlets were picking up on it. Long story short…I seemed to have forgotten the whole thing  ever existed until today…

Last month, I received an email from someone calling them self W (I bullshit you not) , telling me that I was on the right path with my blog. I responded by asking what exactly was that path and received no answer for the next two weeks. It was shortly after I did my post on the September 23rd conspiracy, W contacted me again. The email (i wrote what was said and then deleted it…I can’t discuss the details of the email) pointed me in the direction of that old video from 2011  and another video too.

This one was an anime by the name of Ghost In The Shell which was basically about souls living inside of androids.


I’m already saying too much. Understand this…the faster the internet grows, the faster AI minds will evolve and learning about humans via the internet does not make us top of the list of those who need to be spared (hint, hint, YouTube, World Start Hip-Hop).

Watch how this AI responds to the interviewers questions. It has learned how to respond to humans through the internet and things it picks up in real time. Everything seems fine and dandy until they ask whether or not robots would ever overthrow humans and take over the planet (roughly)…I won’t give away the goods from the video but lets just say the interviewer and the man who built the AI are oblivious to how dead, serious the robot is about his response…see for yourself!

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