Artwork by Sarah Weaver

Before you read any further, there is one key thing to note here…All MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control Slaves, express their pain through art. The one thing all of their art has in common is that they all display duality, checkered patterns and concepts of split personalities.

In the years before his death, Michael Jackson expressed publicly, that there was a conspiracy to not just ruin his career…but to end his life. This is synonymous with Monarch Slaves that break free from their handlers and programmers. It is highly plausible, that MJ was subjected to a heavy amount of Monarch programming at the height of his career. A song that comes to mind is “Man In The Mirror.” Mirrors are used to program numerous alters into a slave. He made his children wear masks in public to hide their faces but also did not allow them to look into mirrors at home. He probably was trying not to subject them to the torture he experienced.

For many years we laughed at the man for changing his face, but ask yourself this question…what would you do if you could no longer look at the man in the mirror, looking back at you? If the stories are true about Bob Hope being his handler and introducing him to this dark corrupted world where as a child he was raped, drugged and programmed all in the name of fame, then I say this…the King of Pop has truly found peace now in death.

Jermaine Jackson has spoken out in interviews saying that his father, Joe Jackson would take Michael out of the hotel room late at night for special meetings and for the next few days that followed, Michael would be very sick. Some say that before their first performance on the Ed Sullivan show, the boys (Jackson 5) were taken into a room filled with bright lights where they were lined up and raped by what the article described as a “Big Man”. This all may sound far fetched to some of you but if you can believe that his father was that abusive to all of them and would sell his own children for riches…you should give believe this.

Recently, artwork done by Michael Jackson have surfaced online and the images scream “MONARCH SLAVE!!!” Have a look and see for yourself. For a deeper analysis of the each sketch and what they mean, feel free to click on the link below.

(source of images vigilantcitizen.com)

Six wires attached to switch boxes that are connected to his face which looks very inhuman…this may represent electroshock torture.
Mirroring images…body parts tact on…checkered pattern
X-Ray view of one self…means separation from mind, body and soul…
Sinister Clown with the words “I truly love you”…perhaps referring to his programmer. These words would be used after extreme torture.
MJ was always obsessed with the number 7 that means Truth Seeker in numerology. His final album was supposed to be entitled, “Se7en”
Three personalities 1)Male 2)Female 3)Child
The checkered floor is very symbolic in Monarch Mind Control


  1. micheal jackson…. king.of.pop. wow! i cant belive it he had many songs 19-2009.
    billy jean /beat it/smooth crimanal and blood on the dance floor. when he was my age[ age 8]
    he was a lovely singer but famous.

    from khalid okomi.+

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