I swear to you…if you listen to an excellent quality version of this (vinyl or HQ mp3) you will fall into trance! Not the bad kind, like in my “BEWARE OF TRANCE” posts (ironically, one of those posts connects to this album), but the type of trance that you’d want to go in after a long stressful day. It’s almost like meditation music. Most importantly, it is essential for anyone with the psychic ability to Mind Travel, to practice listening to the music while focusing on the artwork. By the time you reach the Nights In White Satin, which ends the album it is taken from, “Days of Future Passed”, you would have experienced the art come life and decoded the mystery behind the painting…

It should be noted that the album was engineered by, Preston Nichols, a man who was part of the Montauk Project and has claimed to be a time traveler…

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