Last November, 2014, my first report was about a sighting of a spacecraft appearing out of thin air in the sky, then, another spacecraft appeared and shot the other one down. Tons of calls began flowing in to the local radio station but all contact and forums on the subject were quickly killed.  Then, my previous TTMYGH post, was about another sighting in Massachusetts. Now, once again, a UFO has been seen falling from the sky and crashing into a frozen lake somewhere in Manitoba, Canada. The Canadian Military has people fearful, as they’ve threatened any and all witnesses to remain silent about what they “thought” they saw. Even the chief of the reservation where the UFO allegedly crashed, has been detained in his own home simply because he has a photo of the UFO! There has been an alarming surge in UFO sightings around the world lately which means this time line is completely screwed! Please watch the video above and check out HUMANSAREFREE for more details.

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