Jani Schofield, who is a girl that has been diagnosed with a very severe case of schizophrenia,  sees over 200 hallucinations and they come from her “hallucinated” island “Calalini”. I first saw her on an episode of Oprah but didn’t really pay any attention to the case. Not because I’m insensitive to people who suffer from schizophrenia, but because it was a familiar situation that I thought at the time, I had heard a million times before.

It wasn’t until Oprah asked her about the things she sees, that I started to pay very close attention.

Jani described two characters that stood out the most: A rat named, Wednesday and a cat named, 400 (the latter name intrigued me the most). She explained to Oprah how she was able to see things that others could not, much like people with psychic abilities that allow them to see things in the 4th dimension. When asked where Wednesday and 400 came from, Jani replied, “Calalini”.

“Where’s that?” Oprah asked. The response left me frozen…

“Calalini is on the border of “my” world and “your” world.


What did she mean by “her” world and “ours”? Does she believe that she is not from our world? To me it sounds like she has explored many dimensions and is now trapped inside of the body of young Jani. Oprah’s producer stated that talking to Jani was like speaking with a 37 year old woman…what if she really is? I believe in transference of consciousness and that what the medical world has labeled an illness is the furthest thing from it. It explains why there is no way to treat this “affliction”. How can you cure someone is not sick?

If you can believe in astral projecting and understand the many planes, then it is quite easy to fathom the idea that some “travelers” can become…stuck (for lack of a better word). This is a theory that I must investigate further. If I am correct, there may be over 250, 000 people out there who need our help. I also inclined to believe that not all of them are good.

There are many worlds, filled with malevolence. It would be wise not to awaken the beast. I will report back when I’ve unearthed more information.

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