If you are currently watching LOST for the first time on Netflix or anywhere online for the first time, you might want to read this…

A lot of people don’t know about the Lost Experiences that took place in between each season…actually, the first one was after the shows debut at Comic Con 2006 and the way it was introduced was in classic Lost form:

Shortly afterwards, a set of videos were released by this curious investigator, Rachel Blake and her search for answers about the Hanso Foundation, the company that funded the Dharma Initiative. More so, the mysterious disappearance of the head of the foundation, Alvar Hanso.

This came right before season 3 began so at that point, you had already learned a bit about the arcane, Others. For me, this was a cool way to introduce a new element to the series…CONSPIRACY!!!!! Through these videos, you get to learn a lot about things mentioned on the show that would go over the average viewers head like, the Hanso Foundation, Mittelos Bioscience, Sri Lanka and other intriguing things about the first scientists who ever went to the island.

After watching all the videos by the time season 3 came back around (not the mini series which was basically the first 5 or 6 eps released prematurely due to huge fan demand) everything was just that much more intriguing especially when you see something you learned in the videos come up in the show! Because of this extensive knowledge, I was known as the LOST GURU, around the water cooler at work.

Back then, I was greedy and didn’t want to share my source with anyone who wasn’t hungry enough to stumble upon it themselves, like I was. The show continued to give die-hard fans these cools side bits, but took them up a notch each season.

The one that preceded season 4 was a webseries/interactive game after the first freighter ship that attempted to find the Island. Before season 5 there was an aptitude test for those wanting to join the Dharma Initiative and “save the world”. Season six was ushered in with Lost University which was basically online courses in Ancient History and Time Travel 101 that featured some well-known scholars giving the courses.

For now, I will leave you with the videos of the Rachel Blake investigations. Next post, we’ll see how someone might go about finding the Island…enjoy!


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