8 thoughts on “I REMEMBER #1: Top Five Most Corrupted Tv Evangelists

  1. Good stuff. BUT, change Jim “Baker” to Bakker.” The criminal “preacher” called himself “the 2 K baker” and his last name is BAKKER. Bakker should have done the entire 20 years in prison instead of the 6 and out. If you check around the cable-satellite channels, you can find his SO PATHETIC show–non-stop advertisement for “survival” stuff. Just looking at Bakker makes me want to instantly throw up. A lot of people equate 2 K with what floats in a septic tank. He’s actually a lot worse–smells worse!

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    • Much appreciated, Charles. I have been on hiatus for awhile due to the book that I am working on. It will be released this summer! As for more posts, there will be some pretty out there, pieces coming up, starting this week. Thanks once again.


  2. If I should ever have the misfortune to run into a TV evangelist,there will be blood on the walls.How are these scumbags allowed to prey on the gullible/desperate and ignorant.Please don’t use that freedom of religion BS. This is not religion.

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  3. You had me up until the masons are satanists thing at the end. I have no doubt that Billy Graham is a satanist, but the mason satanism connection is pretty out there.

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    • Hey C-Funk. I wrote this article three years back so perhaps I can explain my thoughts better now. The Masons, were infiltrated by corrupt defunct Illuminati members. The Illuminati themselves once stood for something positive until they were forced to disband and flee into other countries. Different sects of the Illuminati did not stand for their main principals which were good and instead wanted to use their power for evil. Basically, there are many good Masons out there but unfortunately, some really powerful ones are corrupted. Thank you very much for even taking the time to read my post and post a comment.


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