6 thoughts on “I REMEMBER #1: Top Five Most Corrupted Tv Evangelists

  1. Good stuff. BUT, change Jim “Baker” to Bakker.” The criminal “preacher” called himself “the 2 K baker” and his last name is BAKKER. Bakker should have done the entire 20 years in prison instead of the 6 and out. If you check around the cable-satellite channels, you can find his SO PATHETIC show–non-stop advertisement for “survival” stuff. Just looking at Bakker makes me want to instantly throw up. A lot of people equate 2 K with what floats in a septic tank. He’s actually a lot worse–smells worse!

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    • Much appreciated, Charles. I have been on hiatus for awhile due to the book that I am working on. It will be released this summer! As for more posts, there will be some pretty out there, pieces coming up, starting this week. Thanks once again.


  2. If I should ever have the misfortune to run into a TV evangelist,there will be blood on the walls.How are these scumbags allowed to prey on the gullible/desperate and ignorant.Please don’t use that freedom of religion BS. This is not religion.

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