I traveled to the ethereal plane and received a message…

My eyes opened and I found myself supine in a wasteland known as Sector 23 or Carcosa. It felt like being the middle of a desert storm with disgruntled winds stinging my skin with grains of sand. I sat up and looked behind me, I saw a massive temporal storm coming from the west. It was a tower of electrically charged black clouds, viciously spiraling upwards towards Heaven. I could see an inferno blazing in the center of the storm that made me think, “My God…Lucifer exacts his revenge!”

That’s when I heard a voice behind me say, “What happens in the sky, happens in the sea…it always ends of 23…”

I turned and saw myself squatting like a gargoyle, dressed in all in black, perched on top of a building ledge, with my fingers buried at least half an inch into the dry cracked surface. The alternate me had black eyes that stared through me and locked on the eye of the storm. Suddenly, the ground cracked from his fingers and split the earth all the way up to my feet. Then I felt the ground below changed forms from solid to quick sand like tar and I began sinking, deeper and deeper.


Having studied the teachings of Ophiel, I understood what was happening and chose not to panic. I was going to use the sinking tar pit as an exit from the ethereal plane. Once the tar passed over my head…I awoke back here on the physical plane. I grabbed my dream journal and wrote every detail that I could remember, especially the last words from my dark alter:

“What happens in the sky, happens in the sea…it always ends on 23…”

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