courtesy of Infowars

For those of us who are “awake”, we know that the Sandy Hook shootings was just a false flag attempt at getting Americans to crumble and turn in their guns. They did the same thing with the Dark Knight Rises incident (which also featured an easter-egg of the name, Sandy Hook on a map, ), when a computer programmer for the military went crazy and decided to shoot up a theater where the movie was playing.

One of the 23 children they claimed were killed, was the six year old boy, in the picture above. His name was is Noah Pozner. It seems that our Noah, has more of a Lazarus thing going on, because recently, after the shooting of the children in Peshawar, Pakistan…well….Noah seemed to die again…

The images below show a group of “mourners” holding pictures of the deceased and a BBC report in front of a mural dedicated to the fallen…check it out


Man…either this kid is living the Edge of Tomorrow experience, or someone has been slipping on their false flag game…just another thing that makes you go….hmmmmm! Read more at INFOWARS.COM

OH! One last thing…the Connecticut crime report for 2012 shows no deaths by murder or manslaughter, meaning the Sandy Hook incident never happened. See for yourself…



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