For anyone who has seen the live action blockbuster, “Days of Future Past”, I highly suggest reading the original comic for the simple fact that…

It is by far, a better told story! From the very first panel, the tone is set, as a dark time for the X-Men. The movie showed us the future where mutants and humans are targeted by the Sentinels. The 1981 classic issue, starts off with at the funeral of Jean Grey and Scott Summers aka Cyclops, narrates the first act of the story, lamenting on all of their battles, enemies, friends, those they’ve lost…it served as a nostalgic trip through the X-Men’s greatest hits.

That was just one of the many differences between the movie and original comic. Like I said before, you have to read this, even if you are not familiar with the history, this comic brings you up to speed quite nicely.

The one question I asked myself on the movie was: “What would have happened if a human’s conscience were back in time, just like Wolverines? Without the proper training and entheogens, they wouldn’t survive. Not without a shaman at least.

Logan had to rely on his own mutant abilities. In reality, you would have to be a highly trained psychic with a great deal of astral projection experience. The right combination of psychotropics, Amanita, a great shaman, rose-water and few other esoteric elements and boom! You are Mind Traveling to the past and future, plus alternate realities…sounds cool doesn’t it?

I digress…

As a little geek trivia for ya, you might be interested to know that in the Marvel Multiverse of alternate realities, the timeline of the original Days of Future Past timeline is considered to be Earth 8-11!


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