After spending some time in the 50’s, before the age of Aquarius, I became familiar with a man who I knew in one world as, John Burrows but in this world went by the name of Elvis Presley…

Elvis was the first Rock n Roll artist to be a Monarch Mind Control Slave, and his programmer was his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. He had many multiples programmed in his mind. One of them was known very publicly as, John Burrows, the man I served with in an alternate reality.

A damn sniper put one right through his heart…and there he was again…the king…alive.

I had to ask myself, why would the Illuminati want Elvis? What made him unique and what were they hoping to carry out by doing this? Here is what I’ve deduced:

The first thing that comes to mind is the obvious theory (obvious to me based on my experience) that he was a Manchurian candidate for the US Army. The cover up was perfect! His record label had enough music to release for two years, enough time for John Elvis to serve. They placed in Special Forces despite his wishes to be treated like all the other soldiers, and I quote:

 “The Army can do anything it wants with me.”

It was there that Elvis was given amphetamines by a sergeant during maneuvers and soon after he became wide open to the holographic universe. When he was placed in Germany, I believe it was to carry out a top-secret mission. He was programmed to kill (think about his newfound martial arts skills after he returned to the US) and once the mission was done, he came back home to a dead mother and a new lease on his career.

My second theory has to do with brain frequencies…

If our minds conform to radio frequencies and can be manipulated if the frequency is tuned to make us do a particular task, imagine what you could do with music…ROCK N’ ROLL music for that matter! You wouldn’t need a large antenna to send out long range messages. Millions upon millions of people will buy the records and hear it on the radio at least 100 times a day…if someone had the skill to engineer vocal and music frequencies to manipulate human behavior and perception (thought transference)…why not have a million Elvis Presley’s? Well…I discovered that all Monarch mind control slaves become one thing once they have served their purpose…


Think about all the artists who have died of a drug overdose, found dead in a hotel bathtub (some of these hotel rooms have a satanic significance), plane crash or automobile accident. One thing I know is that the Illuminati does not like it when you want out or can no longer do what is expected of you. Fearing that dark secrets may be revealed, the word is sent down to eliminate the “threat.”

There’s a lot of work that goes into breaking a person down and building them back up hundreds of times over. Elvis was “designed” to captivate global masses of minds and to do that, it requires high power. The Illuminati believe that when a twin dies, his or her soul, transfers to the other twin, giving them the power of two souls…

…Elvis had a twin brother. He died at birth. Coincidence? You decide.

Memphis Mafia was the name of Elvis’ old band. In an interview, they told stories of how Elvis was able to go into altered states of consciousness to the point where he seemed dead. Sun International Corp released an album after Elvis supposedly died, which was recorded by a country singer with a strikingly same voice to Elvis. His name was Jimmy Ellis, and he looked nothing like Elvis but to create the mystery and folklore of “Elvis is still alive!”, the label execs made old Jimmy throw on a mask to keep the selling power spirit of Elvis alive and gave him the name, Orion. The cover featured a sun-winged-disk that is an important Egyptian magical symbol used by the OTO and Theosophical Society.




When Jimmy Orion grew tired of living in the shoes of the King, he decided to remove his mask during one concert. Oops…did I forget to mention he was obligated to wear the mask anytime he was out in public which included performances and going to store to buy beer?! Jimmy Ellis was no longer willing to abide by the orders from the powers that be and wanted to prove that he wasn’t just a guy who sounds like Elvis.

Needless to say, his record sales plummeted, and Jimmy Ellis fell off the map. To me, this is clearly a violation of the monarch code, but for many years, Jimmy went on living a pretty decent life with no trouble or threats from secret societies. Then, in 1998, he was shot dead by a burglar trying to rob his pawn shop in Alabama.

Coincidence? Not from where I’m standing. Someone once said that murder is a slow process and they have nothing but time…yeah…something to marinate on.


  1. something, sure was strange about it all. I’ve follewed jimmy “orion” ellis, and his career, as being a singer. I don’t think he was elvis, but, there were times, I thought he was. like for instance, one day I was watching the ralph emery show, when orion appeared on there singing, long after, he took his mask off.He looked to me identical to him.Except his hair was kinda blondish, or brownish, and he even talked like him too. He even tells ralph, and the audience, the whole way orion, came to be about. He pretty much explained elvis’ life, or rather his hoaxed death theory thing.If you get time wach it on youtube jimmy “orion” ellis on ralph emery show.

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