It all started with those eight words…”I own the book…I met the man…”

First off, I would like to say that I had no idea those words would get so many people peaking with interest. With that said, I meant every word I posted. In what context did I mean it, is a whole other story. A story that I will begin to tell after this post.

Before I do that, I want to clarify a few things that were said about my statements. There were a few people who were a bit too quick on the trigger with their attempts to discredit me. After two posts in this John Titor/Facebook forum, members began grilling me on some of the things I said. I mentioned knowing the second John Titor, or a man who made himself out to be so and helping him find the other John Titor. The book I was referring to was a collection of all the alleged time traveler’s online posts. There were some people who were not in the know of said book and were tried to find holes in my story:



As you can see, no one paid attention to the fact that I had mentioned Florida in my original post yet they were accusing me of not knowing where John was from by making jokes about Florida being a part of Canada (I had a good laugh too). Next, the same member, jumps the gun and accuses me of claiming to be part of the John Titor Foundation and making claims that I had something to do with the book…


He went as far as to text Larry Haber, the lawyer of the John Titor Foundation and posted this screencap:



After dealing with social media bashing before (post director firing), I was use to name calling and accusations. I wasn’t mad in the slightest bit, I just want to prove that I never said those things. This week, I will dedicate my posts to telling my story and what I discovered when I went searching for the time traveler named John Titor. Some of the forum members took it upon themselves to check out my blog and came back with a different perception of me and I even made a new fan of my music lol…



The strangest thing about this whole experience was that I was not even looking for this group on Facebook! I just happened to come across it in my “suggestions” sidebar. There were three John Titor group suggestions and I chose to join two. The first group that accepted me was the only one I posted in. I knew there was a purpose to it, for nothing in my life is just a mere coincidence. I believe I needed to connect with someone and I did.

Now that that’s done, it’s time to move on to phase two…



  1. Hi. I’m Rick Donaldson, one of the guys who was directly involved in the very beginning of this whole thing when it came to light on the Art Bell site. Later, our Anomalies Network Forums picked up a lot of the people, along with conversations with/from Titor “himself”. I wrote an article today about this, and happened to come across this through the Blog Rolls. Best wishes.

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