Strange Skies: Dream Light Vs. Reality Light


“Ever notice how the light seems to…scatter here?” – Daniel Faraday, LOST

Do you ever notice how strange the light is in your dreams? I always find that after heavy rainfalls in the middle of the day, when the sun breaks free from the black clouds, the light that shines always reminds me of the light from the “downtown area” of my dream world. I get this sense of deja vu that overwhelms me.

I was on the bus one late afternoon coming home from work, when a nasty storm hit. The rain was heavy and the skies were as dark as Mordor! It only lasted a few minutes (what I call Island Showers) but as soon as it was over, I looked out the window and and felt that same strong deja vu vibe. We were at a red light, so I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture as fast as I could to remember it.


It wasn’t a light that spread and filled the city. No. This was different. Out of place almost. The light appeared to be scattered here and there. That automatically made me think “LOST”, when Daniel Faraday notes the strange and unique way light scatters throughout the island.

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