I See 23’s OR The Truth About The 23 Enigma


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There is a theory out there among us chrononauts that the number 23 is cosmically connected to events and incidents throughout time. Some believe it has positive powers. Others see it as the number of destruction. This theory was discovered by a man named William S. Borroughs, who was the author of, Naked Lunch. In 1960, he knew a man by the name of Captain Clark, who bragged about sailing for 23 years without incident. That same day, his ship crashed killing him and everyone on board! Then, a news report claimed that a pilot by the same name, Captain Clark, crashed an airliner in Florida….it was Flight 23…

My obsession began in late 2007 after my wife had watched Jim Carrey’s suspense thriller, “The Number 23”. I didn’t see it the same time as she did because I wasn’t home. The movie was about a mans obsession with the 23 Enigma that he discovers in a book that he perceives is about him. The poster shows (seen above) just how deep the obsession goes.

The next day at work, I got an IM from my wife saying that something was wrong. I sat up in my chair and felt my heart sinking into my stomach, worried that she or our dog were sick. I asked her what was wrong, simultaneously praying that no one was hurt.

“Please don’t think I’m crazy…” she said with high levels of stress in her voice.

My hear rate slowed down a bit seeing that it was more of a mental situation.

“I won’t.” I assured her.

“I’m seeing the number 23…”


“Remember the Jim Carrey movie? I think I caught what he had.” she said it like it was disease or a curse.

Now I know I promised that I wouldn’t think she was crazy, but I couldn’t help it. I rolled my eyes, told her it was just her looking for the number and it had nothing to do with a 23 curse. When the problem continued the next day, I ignore it. Five weeks later…I grew very concerned. To make matters worse, I couldn’t see what she was seeing. My fear was that she had become so entangled in this fictional tale that it has caused her to lose perspective on reality. Then, just when I was about to consult someone who could help her…it stopped.

A full day had gone by without the mention of the number 23. I was elated and avoided mentioning it. Lord knows I did not want to be the pebble that sets the ripples in motion. A few days went by and things were back to normal and I wanted to keep it like that, but no good deed goes unpunished. Having to be on guard and not mention or bring attention to the number 23 became somewhat of an obsession for me. It was on my mind all day and all night.

I got up one morning feeling sick to my stomach. Not the kind of sick that comes from nausea, it was the kind that you have from stress and worrying. What was I dreaming about? Nothing came back to me. I turned over to look at the time and it was 5:23am. This had to have been a coincidence, or at least that’s what I tried to tell myself. I went back to sleep and opened my eyes when I felt sunlight seeping through the curtains. I stared at the ceiling, waiting a few minutes before I was ready to get out of bed. Then turned to look at the clock and saw it…


I was not ready to admit that this 23 thing was true, so I ignored my confirmation bias that was getting the best of me. I didn’t share any of this with my wife for it was best that one of us kept our sanity to explain what happened to the other when the white coats came knocking. Soon, the constant images and mentioning of 23 on television and movies were beginning to break me down. Every damn time that I’d look at a clock, there it was…I wanted it to end.

23 Quote Invisibles
Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles Volume Two

One thing I hate is fear. When it freezes you in place and takes your breath away…I hate it! Ever since the death of my father, something that I feared the most in life, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to waste my life living in fear of the inevitable. I applied that to many facets of my life and the 23 enigma was one of them.

To counter the negative effects or better yet, to avoid getting Jim Carrey’d, I made the decision to look at the number as a positive thing instead of as the “number of death”, the way William S. Burroughs perceived it. Sure, it is connected to death and finality but as far it went with me, it was a beacon illuminating things I needed to pay attention to.

Eventually my wife and I discussed the issue and I learned that she was still very much aware of its presence and accepted the notion that what she was experiencing was indeed confirmation bias. I on the other hand am convinced that it is something on a much higher level of consciousness that a select few are tuned into. Knowing what I’ve seen in my life, I am comfortable having folks look at me like I’ve spent too much time in a Delorean with the windows rolled up when I tell them that I see 23’s.

To prove my point, I decided to take pictures of every time the number 23 popped up around me in the span of 23 hours. See below for yourself and come to your own conclusion.


(See if you can spot the 23’s in each picture!)

2DopeBoyz got me with this one…



TV Show



Thermostat at work



The only basketball jersey I own and ever wanted…



Flyer at the bus stop I stand at every day



End score in a Wii game



Buddy at work…



My Destiny stats



Don’t usually drink soda but when I did…






Dishonored for PS3

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