How Time Travel Connects to “Choose Your Own Adventure”…


NOVEMBER 15, 2014

I’m writing this as it is actually happening…

It is 10:50am on a Sunday. I was trying to decide what to write for my next report. As I looked around the room, my eye landed on my bookshelf. Some soldiers have a gun cache…I have an arsenal of literature. One shelf is designated to all childhood classics where you can find the works of Lewis Caroll, Susan Cooper, Madeleine L’Engle and the man whose books sparked the dark imagination in me and made me believe in alternate realities from a very young age…Mr. Raymond Almiran Montgomery.

“YES!” I thought to myself, “That’s what I want to report on!”

I quickly Googled “Choose Your Own Adventures” to get some really cool pics when I saw the headline…

“Author of CYOA, R.A. Montgomery, dies.”

Not to be insensitive or anything but…damn! Synchronicity is no joke when you are a chrononaut! Funny thing is, I bought 3 volumes of the classic CYOA books years ago and have them still in plastic. It was only today that I decided turn my attention to them and it just so happens, the author of these books has passed away the same damn day!

(RIP Mr. Montgomery)

For anyone who understands how mind control and programming works and have read any number of these books, you can find plenty of fnords subliminal messages laced within the pages. I do not believe that these were used to brainwash children into doing bad things…it’s a little more difficult than that.

Back in the 80’s, derelicts, prisoners and runaways were disposable test subjects in top secret time travel experiments. They were thrown into wormholes like lab rats, as scientists and military personnel waited to see if they would survive and return. All test subjects either lost their minds, died of massive brain hemorrhaging or more even stranger than that…they never returned.

After hundreds of casualties, the scientists discovered that children with high IQ’s were able to withstand the temporal displacement of time travel and thus began training them from a very young age using puzzles, pictures, games and books to prepare them mentally. Choose Your Own Adventure was among the many books used to train young chrononauts.

It teaches you that one reality isn’t absolute. I may die in this time line…but if I learn from my mistakes, that knowledge transfers over to your alternate consciousness which steers in another direction when faced with the same dilemma again. Head scratcher? Just think back to Doc Brown in Back To The Future II when he explained time lines to Marty…


…You also learned how to choose the correct “adventure” or path in time. Soon enough, I was able to read through an entire book without dying once! Some of my favorites were:

“The Third Planet From Altair”



“The Cave Of Time”



“Dream Trips”



“You See The Future”



“Vampire Express”


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