Things That Make You Go, Hmmmmm! #1: Montreal Dodges Alien Invasion?



It was back in February 2014, when it happened. I had this dream. It disturbed me more than any nightmare had in a very long time because it felt a bit too real for comfort. In the dream, the sky was pitch black but the sidewalks where lit with orange streetlights. Hundreds of people were gathered outside after hearing a loud explosion. My wife and our dog were with me. I told her to wait inside while I went out to investigate. We were up on a hill looking down over what looked like a downtown metropolis. The buildings looked like shadow pillars outlined with yellow Christmas lights. Suddenly, fireworks lit up the sky displaying the words:


That’s when the chaos began. Massive explosions that created mushroom clouds lit up the downtown metropolis. I saw silhouettes of soldiers frozen in their place by fear as they watched the beginning of the end. I ran back inside of a Fire Department where everyone else seem to be running to. A message came on all the TV’s and telepathically in our minds saying, “No where to run. We want to kill you all.”

For some reason my wife didn’t hear the message which was great  because I did not want her to freeze up like the soldiers. I found  a vent shaft and told them to get in and hide. Once I sealed back the vent, I walked three steps down one corridor, turned right, took two steps towards the opened front door of the now fraternity house (remember it was a fire department when I first went in) and stared out into the darkness, waiting for whatever was out there to rip us apart…

I jumped up in my bed with the worse feeling of butterflies spazzing out in my stomach. It was 6:23am, according to my clock, which meant it was time to get up for work. About two hours into the shift, one of my colleagues received a most unusual call.

“What da f*ck are you saying?”, my colleague asked whoever was on the other end. He had a real Bronx/Italian accent except he was from St. Leonard, Montreal, “…and you’re sure dats whachu saw? (pause) Nah! I know! Why would you lie…right…”

At this particular moment I had my headphones off due to an over exhausted playlist I was listening to and caught those tidbits of his conversation. We both worked at this company for about 5-6 years each and it wasn’t until a two or three months prior to this that I had discovered that my colleague was very much into conspiracy theories but only the ones of a political nature. He was not into the supernatural, paranormal mumbo jumbo. So you can imagine how thrown off I was when my colleague got off the phone and walked over to my desk without taking his eyes off the phone screen. I could see him approaching me from my peripheral. He copped a seat on top of my desk and told me about his conversation with his uncle.

His uncle was in no way into any conspiracy theories. Never mentioned a word about anything related to the matter. So when he called my colleague to tell him what he had just witnessed, he was afraid. I know this because I heard it in his voice and he didn’t go around sharing this with many others in the office. Apparently, while his uncle was out in front of his home shoveling one evening, he witnessed a flying object suddenly appear out of a “hole” in the sky. The object was rectangular and horizontal apparently and darting towards earth…

I was beyond intrigued and slowly becoming paranoid…

He continued by saying that within 2-3 seconds, another flying object flew out of another hole across from the rectangular object and shot it down before vanishing into thin air…”What kind of acid did his uncle drop”, I wondered to myself. Before I could get my devil’s advocate on, he showed me the picture that his uncle took after the object was shot down. You can see chem trails striping the sky but then there is a streak of black smoke bellowing down towards the earth. See for yourself below:


Another text message came in:

“Calling CJAD now. Lots of callers phoning in about it!”

We ran down to the parking lot to listen to the radio in my colleagues car. CJAD is an AM radio station. The only part we caught was a lady talking about how odd the sightings were and asking people to send in photos. As she was suggesting this, her mic went dead for a few seconds before commercials were played. The site normally updates their forums after each segment on the show but for some strange reason, there were no posts or comments about what dozens of people witnessed. Why?

Between 1947 and 1953, 23 alien space crafts crashed on our planet (13 between 1947 and ’52…10 during Eisenhower’s first year in office in ’53). The good folks over at Area 51 claim that any unidentified flying object is nothing more than a new prototype jet or (my favorite one) “air balloons.” Was it a drill testing new stealth bombers with cloaking capabilities? Maybe both aircrafts were suppose to remain incognito in a game of cat and mouse? Or…did our military launch a preemptive strike against an alien attack using similar wormhole technology to cut them off?!

 Unfortunately, no one knows for sure what went down that day in February 2014 but I will tell you this. If we had twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube back when the first reports of UFO’s began circulating, I guarantee there would be no debate whether it was true or false. Someone would have excellent footage and not like the videos where it looks like uncle Joe is waving around a flashlight in the sky while you “Whoa!” and “What the hell?!” behind a camcorder from 1994!

The photo my friends uncle snap did not show the main events. I believe he was frozen in his tracks after seeing something like that. What it did reveal was the aftermath of something out of the ordinary. This is just one of the many things that I’ve witnessed in this time line that makes you go, hmmmmm!


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