Short Story: The Last Report pt. II



     Ten hours ago, Agent Li was in his garden, meditating. It had been three days and two nights since he entered into his transcendental state. He would have gone on for two more days had he not intercepted a transmission that invaded his ethereal garden.

He had been levitating five feet above the plants, that were made up of pure light energy. Imagine Las Vegas but as a botanical garden. All of the lights, red, blue, green and purple, reflected on his naked body while he floated in the lotus position. The sky was golden, the clouds were fluffy white, drifting on by.

Birds flew in unison, forming various geometrical shapes in the sky. They too were a plethora of colors and light energy. All the sounds were at steady mid hum. The frequency of his serenity. Suddenly a black monarch butterfly, flew up to him and landed on his shoulder. The sound that came from the butterfly was a high pitch, distorted radio wave. It was like Morse Code translating in his subconscious. When it was done, the butterfly exploded…

Agent Li’s eyes opened. He was sitting on a blanket on the grass of his garden in the physical plane, or as we would call it, the real world. The message that was transferred into his brain was a warning: “Chrononaut 17 has received a message…emergency jump had to be initiated by means of quantum suicide. Last known transmission…Louisiana…message intercepted…” The butterfly also relayed the radio transmission of the Lieutenant who found Rose Cheramie, mentioning the assassination threat. This also came out of Louisiana.

Agent Li went inside his home and prepared for work. He put on his black Mao suit, white trench coat and hat, then looked at himself in the mirror as his silver eyes beamed like headlights. The agent threw on his sunglasses then got his briefcase out from under the floorboards of his bedroom. On his way out, he made a phone call on a black rotary phone, suspended in mid air. There were symbols on the buttons instead of numbers. He dialed:Circle, Triangle, Sun, Moon, Keyhole, Lotus…

The phone never rang on the other end. Instead, there was another distorted, radio frequency sound that fluctuated up and down, melodically.

“Yes?” a German man answered.

“A message has arrived.”

“Level of threat?”

“23.” Agent Li waited at least three seconds for a response.

“Are you sure it’s coming from one of ours?”

“A black monarch came to me in the ethereal plane, but even still, there is only one way to be certain…I must go to source of the signal.” Li said.

“You are granted permission. Sending over the coordinates now for you to come in and be properly outfitted.”

“Thank you.” He left his home and got inside of his orange creamsicle, 1955 Ford LaTosca. It was one of a kind and had the appearance of a bad ass spaceship on wheels. Agent Li started the ignition with a car key that looked more like a key for a Victorian door. The car started with more of a hum than the typical revving engine. The sound was absolutely perfect and put Agent Li in a positive state of mind. His car radio was tuned to the station, 23.5 am. The coordinates came in:“Two rights. Three lefts. Three lefts. Six rights. Five Rights.” 

To the human eye, the car appeared to be nothing more than your average automobile, thanks to a device that creates a vibration around the car, altering the observers perception of it. Agent Li was able to navigate through traffic, red lights, along the sides of buildings and even on the sidewalks without ever being detected.

This function allowed him to make the sharp turns up one way traffic, through dead ends and buildings. He made his last five right turns and was automatically transported into another dimension. The sky was no longer blue and white, it was red with blue clouds. The city streets that Agent Li was driving through had now become one long interstate highway.

He was heading southeast on Innerstate 23…


“Inner…state?” said Agent Li to himself. The sun was to the east and he could see the moon in the horizon of the west. The moon was gargantuan in the sky, compared to the sun. Once over the hill, a pink and blue neon sign was flashing up ahead that read:“INNERSTATE DINER”

The diner was shaped like a giant, long bus with no wheels, and a black, white and red, checker motif that gave off a wobbling 3D effect. When Agent Li pulled into the parking lot, he parked next to a white stallion that was tied to a metal rail in front of the diner. Next to it, was an old WWI German Fighter plane. He took off his shades to get a real good look at shiny red paint job, and the Templar insignia all over the plane. When he had seen enough, he put back on his shades and went inside the diner.

A bell chimed as the door swung open. He observed an old jukebox, that had many different color lights around it, flashing to the rhythm of the unfamiliar music. It was like watching a small light show symphony. It was a small place, divided by color sections: Red, black, white. 

The counter was green marble and shined impeccably. A pair of white swinging doors lead to the kitchen behind the counter. Agent Li smelled something amazing cooking, but heard no pans or pots, no sizzle… In the blink of an eye, a shadow flew by behind the swinging doors.”Hello…” Agent Li called.

Although he was facing the front, he heard his own echo return from the right side. The agent turned and saw three men sitting at a booth all the way in the back. They were wearing general uniforms in three different colors: Red, white and black.

The one sitting on the outside wore a black uniform with a hat to match. The man next to him had on a white uniform but wore no hat. He chose to let his towering crew cut flow. The last one, wore all red and had an egg shaped bald head. Agent Li approached them.”Greetings generals.”

They each nodded in return. Agent Li was not expecting to sit at the table, so he pulled up a chair and sat down at the side of the booth.

“We weren’t expecting to see you so soon again, Agent Li…” the White General spoke with a thick Texan accent.

“Especially after the last time you came to us with your last intuitive hunch…or have you forgotten?” the Black General asked. Agent Li held his head low, dishonorably.

“Yes. The events that unfolded in 1943, were inevitable the last time…it was out of my-”

“OUT OF YOUR WHAT?!” the Red General yelled with a German accent, “OUT OF YOUR CONTROL? POWER? HANDS?”

“I come with a message. A warning from the black monarch. I ask for assistance in finding the vessel that may be harbored by one of the Chrononauts.”

“What are you asking for?” asked the White General.

“There will be other agents out there looking for the vessel as well. I cannot go it alone under these circumstances, I would need a small team-”

“We lost our best five the last time you asked us for a small team,” the Black general said, “this will not happen again. You will take one a Cryo Bomb and use the stargate to jump…”

“If what you say is true, you will return to us with the written report.” said the White general.

“If there is a report…there will be action. Until then…your words are dust to us.” the Red general said coldly. Agent Li wanted to contest this so badly but knew it was futile. A Cryo-Bomb, when used, would slow down time. If there was message from a Chrononaut, that person would not be affected by the stasis field emitted by the bomb.

What worried him, was going in there with no back up. There were things that existed outside of the realm of perception…dark, evil things…forces that wish to intercept these reports for their own personal gain. The Chrononaut reports are what keep the multiverse balanced. If a timeline is altered, there is always a reference source to go back to.

So be it. If he was meant to perish trying to save mankind, then let that be engraved on his tombstone for the world to know. He stood up, bowed to the generals, then made his way to the counter. The kitchen doors swung open, and out walked a waitress, with an ageless face, long white hair and cat-like eyes. She came out carrying a black briefcase, and placed it n the green counter. She placed the briefcase flat on the counter, slid it over to Agent Li and gestured for him to open it.

He looked inside and saw a Cryo-Bomb, next to a set of golden Colt 45 pistols. Before Agent Li could ask who threw in the extra hardware, the white haired woman placed her finger over his lip to shush him and shut the briefcase. She handed him a folded piece of paper that he stuffed in his pocket. He took both the briefcase, then walked out the diner.

In the car, the agent remembered events, images and faces that he had fought so hard to block out of his memory. Normally, these things are purged from the agents minds, but his mistakes were left in place as a reminder. He remembered the screams of the men…the sky turning orange…

It was time to focus on the mission at hand, Agent Li told himself. He unfolded the sheet of paper given to him by the white haired Indian and glanced upon another set of coordinates. Agent Li pulled out the parking lot heading north. He did as instructed on the paper:”CLOSE THE LOOP FIVE TIMES AT THE HEART OF THE INTERSECTION”

Under the moon is where the agent finally came upon the intersection. Right as he drove into the center of it, he pulled the hand breaks and stepped on the gas, causing the car to spin around doing donuts, approximately, five times. On the fifth turn……he spun back into the third dimension. To avoid crashing into the rail, he slammed on the breaks. He was disoriented from the shift in dimensions, and needed a moment. Once he pulled himself together, he got out the car to read the highway sign.

“Highway 155…I’m here.”


     It was time to get to work. There was a round button on the both sides of his shades that he pressed, activating tiny, TV screens. To the world, they were nothing more than sunglasses, but to an agent of the Order of Cronus, these were, Chronovisors.

They say the lenses were crafted from the sands of time, directly from Father Time’s maze. What Agent Li saw were ghosts made up of light energy, or, echoes of events passed. Thousands of headlights whizzed by as he set the echoes in reverse to back track. He knew he was looking for someone in distress.

After traveling five hours back, he finally found what he was looking for. Out of 5000 cars that drove by that spot, only one car had stopped abruptly for a few seconds before peeling off. It happened four lanes over to the left of him. “Freeze.” The echoes froze upon command, as Agent Li hurried across the highway to the car that had stopped in the middle of the road.

The windows were blackened making it impossible to see was inside. He needed to see more.

“Slow down visual rate by 46%.”

The echoes continued to move but this time in slow motion. The back door swung open and out came the body of Rose Cheramie, being ejected by a swift kick from a man who was unable to see clearly. She fell on the side of the road as the car sped off.

“Scan victim for analysis.”

The Chrono-visors provided a full spectrum scan of the woman on the ground and determined she was a 41 year old female, whose body suffered many internal and external damage, mostly from the over use of drugs. Agent Li found her brain scan the most fascinating.

It displayed dual activity occurring simultaneously. One was reading very weak while the other was off the charts! It was far from the average human brain. He fast forwarded through time, watching her remain so still, like she was dead. Cars drove by but no one stopped. He feared that she was invisible to the human eye and would eventually fade out of existence, but then, the patrol car pulled up.

The echo of the lieutenant getting out his car, then rushing over to Rose Cheramie, played out right before Agent Li’s silver eyes. The exchange of dialogue between the two of them, was inaudible.

“Go back ten seconds. Normalize audio. Bring up subtitles.”

Within a few seconds, the words came up and scrolled across his lenses: (male voice) Mam Mam can you hear me…(female voice)They’re gonna kill the president…(male voice)who’s gonna kill the president…(woman voice)the face…(male voice)who need to talk up mam…” 

The Lieutenant went back to his car and radioed in that he found a woman badly bruised on the side of the highway. He also stated her claims, that she knew of someone who was planning on killing the president. It was the exact same transmission that the black monarch butterfly relayed to him in the ethereal garden.

As he read the words scrolling by, some of them registered as question marks which meant there were two or more voices going on at once. It was most likely Rose.

“Go back five seconds. Normalize audio on female. Bring up subtitles.”

The conversation between the cop and the operator went mute and the mumbles of Rose Cheramie translated as,“No no no god no they gonna kill him the the blank face man the blank face man the blank face man the blank face man the blank face man the blank face-“

Agent Li advanced to the moment the ambulance arrived. He saw the name of the hospital printed on the side. He had all the information he needed. The sun was setting and time was moving faster than usual. There was a chance he was already too late.

Along with the Cryo-bomb, and golden guns, all agents were required to carry a Slider. It was a small, clunkish, device that cut thin slices in the fabric of time, allowing you to “slide” forwards or backgrounds. It was dangerous, and limited in range. He would only have five slices which was not a lot, considering you could not slide back through the first tear you made.

The problem would come when the enemy can track your moves. That forces you to make multiple jumps. For now, he would use the speed of his trusty vehicle to race to the hospital where Rose Cheramie was taken.

Within 36 seconds, Agent Li arrived at the main entrance of hospital in Louisiana. He and his car were moved through the fourth dimension, or as the Order of Cronus refers to it as, the Dream Time. In the Dream Time, you are able to see this world for what it really is. He knew that if this woman had a report to pass on, there will be others coming to intercept the message, or worse, kill the messenger. Many reports through the ages have been delivered successfully, some with great difficulty but never has there been a threat of this level. Not since the Time Continuum Treaty was established back in the 1940’s.

“If death is the only path that awaits me today…I shall not deviate from it. Never deviate from your path.” he said to himself. It was time for Agent Li to step out of the fourth dimension.

If there was a chrononaut inside of Rose, then he could connect with her in the Dream Time. He opened up his briefcase, took out the Cryo-Bomb and walked into the emergency entrance of the hospital. The ER was thinly staffed this night, which worked in the agent’s favor. The less mass there was within the radius of the stasis field, the longer it would last. A plump, middle aged, redhead nurse, with caked on makeup and bat-wing glasses, saw the agent enter the ER, and immediately assumed he was Mexican.

“Ola! Are you sick or looking for someone?” she asked.

Agent Li held out his hand and opened his palm like a lotus flower blossoming. Her eyes fell upon the shiny black orb and thought that he might be selling her some Mexican trinkets. “This-is-a-hoooospituuuul…no can selay in here, ok?”

He tossed the orb three feet into the air where it hovered for two seconds before separating into dozens of spinning geometrical shapes. The nurse watched, perplexed. Just as a security guard came around the corner, the geometrical shapes exploded releasing an energy ball that swept through the entire floor.

Time stood still for those in the third dimension. It was like being at a museum. There were two policemen frozen in front of a cubicle. His best guess was that, Rose Cheramie was there under surveillance. Unlike the other patients, whoever the cops were guarding, was in a small isolation room with a door instead of beds divided by curtains, like the other patients. He walked right by the two frozen cops and entered the room and there she was, laying the bed, looking out the window at the pale moonlight…

“S-s-s-s-saaaatan…I re-r-r-rebuke ya!” she cried out. Agent Li pulled up a chair, and sat down next to her bed. The moonlight hit his face, and she could see the reflection of the moon in his abstract, hexagonal, sunglasses.

“I hear you have a message to share? Will you share it?”


     Once he was out the hospital with the official Chrononaut Report, Agent Li had to hurry back to Diner to report back to the Generals. He got back into his car, placed the report in a special glove compartment with a punch code safe. As the agent started his car , he looked through his windshield and saw a strange set of black clouds moving in.

“They’re coming.” he said to himself.

The tires of the vehicular oddity, peeled, creating clouds of smoke before driving off. His point of entry was the on the highway where he found Rose Cheramie. That’s where he needed to get back to in order to return to the Innerstate Diner. As he came within range of his entrance point, he prepared to pull a reverse 360, five times consecutively in place, to return to the Dream Time. Out of nowhere, a strange feeling of vertigo came on strong. That’s when Agent Li, let the clutch go, kept the throttle to the floor, and when the car began to slide, he pulled the clutch down three quarters…then flat…

He repeated this motion every second while moving the steering wheel. With each completed 360 turn, the sky lit up a different color and the other cars in the third dimension became more translucent with every spin. It was on the third spin when the agent thought he saw three solid objects coming his way. On the fourth spin, the three objects had gotten even closer to the point that he could see their red and black cloaks and knew right away who they were…what they were. His eyes gazed upon the golden guns resting on the passenger seat, knowing that if he let go of the clutch he would lose his chance to teleport. Before he could make his decision-


The windshield shattered as one of the cloaked beings crashed through it like a ghost missile, landing in the back seat. Agent Li, let go of the clutch, for there was no way he could bring a dark entity with him into the dream time. He reached for the guns just as the car spun back into the third dimension and got clipped by an oncoming truck, causing it to flip three times in the air.

Through the rear-view mirror, Agent Li could see the pale, greenish face under the red cloak grinning its long needle like teeth at him, as they spun round and round like clothes in a dryer. “Psychic vampires!” the alarm rang in his head.

These demonic bastards were hungry for one a few things that weren’t blood. They wanted your mind. They wanted your soul. Most of all, they wanted the report! Agent Li’s car landed in a ditch, bouncing twice before sliding into a tree. The truck driver pulled over, causing a five car collision. The driver had no idea what hit him, where it came from or where it went. Agent Li’s car was upside in a ditch, the same place Rose Cheramie was laid out on the ground. He was stuck between the third and fourth dimension, causing the car to glimmer in and out of reality.

To the passerby’s, it looked like a weird reflection of a burning car going off and on. What they were still unable to see were the three psychic vampires surrounding the car like hungry wolves, sniffing around for a scent. The psychic vampire that was in the backseat of the car teleported out, as the car was knocked back into the third dimension. Though they looked like men, they were far from human. Their opened cloaks exposed their boney, pale, sexless frames. It picked up the scent inside the car, stuck it’s head inside and peered around with evil, blood shot eyes and black pupils.

“Yaha yahām̐ hai! Hama yaha mila gayā hai!”, the psychic vampire yelled to the others as it ran its gnarled up fingers across the keypad of the glove compartment.

The other two surveyed the area looking for the agent who was nowhere in sight. They suspected his body was ejected from the car and was of no use to them anyways. A shiny glimmer caught the being’s eye as he was about to dig into the keypad. When it looked down, there was one golden gun resting on the roof of the over turned vehicle. It picked it up and studied the engravings. Then, another glimmer caught his eye coming from the driver side. When it looked up, it’s life was over. A thunderous clap erupted that sent a shockwave so powerful, it pushed the psychic vampire back. The force prevented it from using it’s mind to stop the silver bullet speeding towards its face.

The sound of the shot chipped in and out like bad headphone wires, as the bullet traveled through the car, that was glimmering in and out of the dimensions, taking the bullet with it. The skull of the psychic vampire exploded, as it’s body was catapulted out of the car. Agent Li’s aim was true. Those in the physical plane looked up at the sky, assuming they heard loud thunder. A storm was coming but it had nothing to do with the weather.

Moments ago, before the car hit the ground, Agent Li, used the Slider to pull himself 23 seconds into the past. The exact moment the psychic vampire crashed through the window. He used the slider again to place himself ten seconds after the crash, when one of the golden guns fly out the window. He retrieved the gun, and took cover on the opposite side of the highway. As soon as the vampire was distracted, by the other gun, in the previous time line, Agent Li seized the moment and eliminated the soul thirsty specter.

The other two psychic vampires, howled like wounded wolves, furious about the sudden death of their counterpart. Without speaking a word, to each other, the two beings worked together to flank Agent Li. With a five minute recharge on his slider, the agent had 2:30 seconds before he could teleport, but even that did not guarantee his safety. If they were able to track him down here, they could follow him anywhere. He needed to reach the car and get the black box containing the Chrononaut Report before the car became dislodge from the timeline. If that happened, it would take the box with it.

He saw them spread out, one to the left, the other to the right of him, trying to push him back into the woods. He took cover behind the truck that hit his car. The driver was still waiting for police to arrive. He could not see the showdown occurring in the fourth dimension. The two psychic vampires hovered over agent Li, but resisted attacking for some strange reason. Ronan was about to shoot when the world around him suddenly began to melt. They were using their psychic abilities to mess with his mind.

He saw his legs melting as well, and knew that it was not really happening…yet…he could not control it. With his legs stuck in the ooze, he was a sitting duck. The gun was still in his hand facing frontwards but he was unable to pull the trigger. Agent Li could feel them crawling down the side of the truck like panthers stalking their prey. They were coming to drain him of his psychic powers like they’ve done to generations of chrononauts.

“Yaha ēka bahuta hī paripakva hai…” the predator on the right whispered to the other.

“Hām̐. Cakra usakī rīṛha kī haḍḍī mēṁ tarala padārtha kē bhītara hōtī hai!”

Agent Li understood at least 2300 languages and Hindi was one of them. What he heard was:“This one is very ripe…Yes, his chakras boil in his spinal fluid,” Roughly translated.

Something about Agent Li, was off putting to both creatures.”Maiṁ usa para yaha gandha nahīṁ hai…” the one on the right said with a troubled tone.

“Aisā kyōṁ hai?”

“It’s so, because I have no fear…therefore there is no scent for you to detect.” he spoke in English and the psychic vampires understood very well. A blue light lit up on Slider which was attached to the front of his belt.

Using telepathy, Agent Li activated the device and set the coordinates from the previous jump. Another tear in the fabric of time opened like a broken scab, a few feet from the second golden gun. Agent Li focused his mind on the gun, elevated it from the ground, then pulled it right through the rip. It came flying towards him like a boomerang.

The two PV’s sprung towards the spinning object to intercept it before the agent did. They had no idea what level of psychic they were screwing with. Agent Li pulled the gun faster the moment they came within arms reach of it. It was like the old dollar bill on a string trick. The gun landed in his free hand, now giving him the advantage of two, out of this world, weapons.

As for the two psychic vampires, in their haste to stop the gun, placed themselves in harms way. Harm being, Agent Li and the two hand cannons he hand pointed at them. He squeezed both triggers with his mind and guided the bullets using the same energy. Both of the psychic vampires met the same fate as their predecessor. Their heads were remove by the explosive force of the golden guns. Everything around him became solid again as he watched the two beings bodies flying back and disintegrate into thin air.

Though he wasn’t bitten, his energy was most certainly drained by the simple fact that he allowed them to pull him into their melting reality. Agent Li knew what he was doing when by using their trap to trap them. It was these skills that made the Order keep him on board despite the causality of his actions in the past. Remaining in the fourth dimension was also depleting his energy, so he needed to retrieve the box and use his final slide to get to a safe house.

The car was still flashing in and out of time when Agent Li approached it. He came around to the driver side, knelt down on all fours and reached inside through the passenger window, to punch in the code to open the safe compartment. Just as he punched in the final digit, the car vanished along with the black box. The blue light came on one more time.

The Slider was ready. Agent Li knew there was only one option. He closed his eyes and focused on the moment he approached the car and in the blink of an eye, he was five feet away from it, watching the other version of himself coming from around the side of the truck, headed towards the glimmering vehicle. Without hesitation, he made a dash for the car. The other version of him was about to fire another shot when he noticed that he was looking at himself.”Don’t come any closer! The car disappears any moment!” he heard his voice shouting in his head and listened.

That was his last slide and if he failed again, he might as well let the psychic vampires drain him dry. Just like before, he stuck his hand in through the broken window and punched in the code. When he hit the last button, the door unlocked. The black box was still inside. Agent Li, quickly snatched it out of the compartment and moved back a few steps. The second he stood up, the car vanished along with . With no way of teleporting to his safe house, and no inter-dimensional Chevy to get him anywhere in 30 seconds or less, the agent had to make this final slide count.

To the west, the strange black clouds had expanded exponentially across the horizon making it virtually impossible to tell where they ended. What he did know, was that the psychic vampires had to have found a door, a vortex to enter into this timeline and he was willing to bet the black box, that it had something to do with the storm that was coming. His confirmation came when he looked through his Chronovisors lenses, and saw an army of the red cloaked, psychic vampires, marching from the west. They were heading his way.

Once they sensed him, it would only be a matter of time before they caught up to him. With no means of escape, Agent Li was trapped. Running would only delay the inevitable, so he held his ground and aimed his pistols towards the oncoming army. The feeling of vertigo rushed through his body again, as another wormhole opened behind him.

He turned around to see who or what was going to be his next victim. A great white stallion came soaring through the air and out of the door shaped vortex. On its back was a rider all in white. The rider’s uniform was that of a general. On his head, he wore a helmet with a metallic face plate with no eye openings to see through. The white rider wielded a long spear with a blood stained tip. The spear itself resembled the spear of Longinus, that pierced the side of Jesus Christ. It glowed with the same white aura that shun around the rider and his horse.

“You really did need more back up.” a Texan voice said from under the helmet Agent Li, looked up and let out a sigh of relief. It was the White general, and he was ready for war.


     The army, now about 50 feet away, stopped dead in their tracks and recoiled an inch at the presence of the white rider. Agent Li looked up at him as he held out his hand to pull him up. When both of their hands connected, the sound of a thousand banshees howling, screeched through the air. The red cloaked psychic vamps, were vexed.

Once on the back of the horse, the White general prepared to charge, holding his spear high in the air. One of the psychic vampires, step forward. It was larger than the rest of them. Li figured it was the ring leader. It held up its veiny fist and yelled, “Unhēṁ naṣṭa karēṁ! Unhēṁ naṣṭa karēṁ!!!!”

“You hear that?” asked the masked general.

“Yes. They want to destroy us.” said Agent Li.

“That’s right. And are we gonna let them?”

“Not today.” replied agent Li.

“Good! Aim true and fire when I give the signal!” The White general gave a telepathic command to the horse to go. The psychic vampires formed a barricade across the highway. All at once, they began to focus their minds in hopes of penetrating the psyche of the White general and Agent Li.

“Remove the heads of all the PV’s in the front line, now!”

With no questions asked, Agent Li panned from left to right, firing with his left, then with his right and each shot delivered with thunder. The glowing aura that the white rider was covered in, acted as a force field, that could only protect their minds temporarily from being invaded by the army of mercenary vampires. The agent’s aim was on point. For each head he shot at, his bullets would honor his precision with direct hits. The result of the hits were explosions and scatterings of exotic brain matter, that disintegrated into thin air after a five seconds. The front line was eliminated in under six seconds.

Agent Li and the White general were about five feet away from the opposing army that remained frozen, like mannequins in a factory. The White general yelled out a command that was so loud, it released a sonic boom that blew the hoods off the heads of the psychic vampires. “Shantranj!”

Upon that command, the horse leaped gracefully through the air above the army. In that instance, time slowed down. The vampires reached up to pull them down, like basketball players in the middle of a jump ball, missing the hooves of the stallion by inches. Another door opened up ahead. Agent Li, looked over the general’s shoulder and saw through the portal and there it was, the Innerstate Diner.

He could feel the horse beginning to descend and feared they would be devoured once they crashed in the center of the swarm. Instead, the mystical stallion used the tops of heads, faces and hands of the vampires as a path to run on. You could hear the squishing and cracking a faces caving in and their bones being smashed. The horse let out a disturbing yell.

The general sensed something was wrong and looked behind them.”Two of them on the tail!” he shouted to the agent.

Agent Li turned around and saw two of the beings holding onto the horse’s tail. One had it in his grip while the other one held on to the ankle of his ally like a chain. It was pulling itself closer and closer while dragging the other one with it. One shot was fired, and one shot was all that was needed. The bullet exploded, once again making the people in the third dimension jump at the sound of the “thunder that sounds like it’s down here instead of up there.”

It passed through the center of the tail grabber’s forehead then pierced the other one’s head, exiting out the back of its skull. They both floated away and disintegrated like burnt tissue paper. The portal was only a few feet away when it happened. The ring leader rose up in front of it bearing the corpse of a psychic vampire, whose body was marked with hundreds of ancients symbols. It had all the intentions on stopping Agent Li and his rescuer, until it looked behind and saw through the door. It saw the diner.

“NOOO!” the White general cried out. Agent Li was about to start firing, but the general ordered him not to.

“What are we waiting for?! It’s heading for the door!” Agent Li panicked.

There was no way they could reach the vampire before it crossed through the portal. The White general tossed the spear of Longinus towards the flying vampire. It traveled almost at the speed of light, in a straight line. It passed through the ring leader’s head. The spear was the first thing through the portal and landed in the dirt next to the old Nazi plane parked in front of the diner.

As the being faded away, having only glimpsed at its sworn enemies fortress of solitude, the stallion made one last jump that took the White general and Agent Li right through the door. As it imploded behind them, the echoes of their enemies howling screams filled the area. The horse landed on its four hooves just as gracefully as it took off. After taking a deep breath, Agent Li, dismounted. The general came down right after and gave his companion a hug, and touched the side of its face.

“You did good, Agent Li. No matter what you are underneath that skin…you are an agent in the Order of Cronus, ” the White general said with smile, sounding like a proud father, “What you did might very well have saved our future…”

He removed his helmet and saluted the agent. Agent Li saluted the White General and thanked him for coming to his aid.

“When we detected a huge surge in anomalies coming from many coordinates, different timelines. Yours was one of them. We knew this wasn’t another false flag run.”

“What happens now?” asked Agent Li”Read the report. Summon the council. Prepare the chrononauts for whatever comes next.”

“It will take some time to locate one, especially under these conditions- Allow me to handle this. The monarch came to me. I must have a bigger purpose in this.” Agent Li pleaded.

“Perhaps you’ve already served it. ”

“If what the woman said was true…if Kennedy is to be assassinated…”

“Then we will do what we’ve done for hundreds of years. Protect the future perfected.”

“Yes, For the future perfected.”

“Before I forget…I’ll be taken those with me.” the White general pointed to the golden guns. Agent Li had forgotten about the white haired woman, giving him the guns secretly.

“Please do not be vexed with the one who gave them to me.”

“I’m not. You know how to use them…but they just ain’t your thing. We’ll find something more suitable for your skills.”

“I am most grateful, general. If there is anything else I can do…”

“There is actually. Before I came to your rescue, the generals and I found a chrononaut, who we believe is the key to the future. We may need some help facilitating his transition into a new timeline…have you ever seen timeline C in 1994?”

The agent had a new vehicle waiting for him. It was black Chevy, low rider that shined despite its dark paint. He walked to it wondering what the Chrononaut Report would mean to this timeline? What effect will it have to our existence? In time he would have all the answers, whether he liked them or not. For now, his focus had to be on the preparation of a mind jump. Something that has not been performed since his failure.

Whatever man, woman or child that was about to come into this mix, would have to be someone with extraordinary gifts that even surpassed his own. This time, he did not envy whoever was next up to fix whatever has set things off course in Marjorie’s future. For a chrononaut to take such drastic measures to deliver a report, it meant it was already too late.

While pulling out of the parking lot of the Innerstate Diner, agent Li spotted another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. He reached for his gun just in case. As the other car, a black van with a red stripe on the side, passed his car, he detected no vibe of danger. Instead, he felt a surge of great power. Before he could see who was stepping out of it, the feeling of vertigo came over him and a bright white light filled the car along with the loud high pitch chiming of a bell. When the light faded away, Agent Li was no longer on the path on Innerstate.


Short Story: The Last Report pt. I



NOVEMBER 20, 1963

Dallas, Texas


It was a packed house at the Carousel Club. Drinks were flowing and the girls were captivating. The smoke in the air was so thick, they were like trapped clouds. Feathers fluttered and tassels were shaking, as the burlesque band beat out a horny version of Etta James’, Tough Lover.

Rose was the oldest dancer in the club, having at least 20 years on most of the girls. At one point in her prime, she was the show stopping, main attraction. She could have been the next Betty Page, is what she’d always tell herself during times of self loathing. Tonight, the main attraction is devilish young thing, by the name of, Satan’s Angel and another hot little number who everyone knew as, Raven. These girls were the ones in their prime now, with the smooth skin, perky breasts and high, little, round bottoms that the men paid to see. Rose was nothing like them anymore. She had grown into quite the hag due to a number of misfortunes. Drugs, alcohol and schizophrenia, to name a few.

Still, for some reason, the owner of the Carousel Club, Jack Ruby, booked her whenever she came around, in need of a job, drugs, or a job to buy drugs. In the dressing room, strung out, face down on a yellow sofa, Rose was earning some blow, getting plowed in her rear-end, by one of the bouncers of the club. If she wasn’t so high, she probably would have screamed from the pain. Instead, Rose stared at a picture on the wall of herself in her glory days, as a burlesque dancer.

Suddenly, the loud music was overpowered by the sound of a bell chiming in her head. It got so loud that Rose, had to cover her ears,  but it had no affect. The glass over the picture frame began to crack like a giant stepping on an ice lake,  and a red light came shining through.

Rose believed it was a combination of the heroine and whiskey that was causing this hallucination. That’s when she saw the reflection.”Git…git outta here…this room…is taken, bitch!” She was convinced that what she was looking at was the reflection of someone who just entered the room.

“You talkin’ bat shit crazy again, Rosie?!” the bouncer mocked. “Well here-”

He reached over to the coffee table and picked up the little glass vile of cocaine and sprinkled a line across his index finger, then held it under her nose. “Inhale!” he commanded.

Rose couldn’t hear him over the bell chiming in her head. She stared at the reflection of a round faced woman with short brown hair and beady eyes. The reflection leaped out of the frame and dove directly into the center of Rose’s forehead.

She gasped as if she was just resuscitated back to life. At the same time, the bouncer spilled his seminal liquor. When he pulled out, Rose was no longer there. Instead, it was Marjorie Tildiend, inside Rose’s mind and body.

The drugs, alcohol and physical abuse that this vessel had endured over the course of 23 hours was tremendous. Marjorie felt everything Rose was feeling and worse, seeing how Marjorie was no longer a drinker, a drug user, nor had she had any sexual experiences in years.

As the bouncer was walking out of the dressing room, he let “Rose” know that once again, Jack, the clubs manager, was not putting her onstage. Instead, the night belonged to Satan’s Angel. When the door shut, Marjorie tried to get to her feet but nothing was working.

She stumbled and vomited, feeling pain shooting through her rectum down to her toes and deep in her stomach. On the wall, next to the broken picture frame, Marjorie observed a calendar with pinup girls and checked the date.”NOVEMBER 20…1963…”

Despite the pain, she felt relief knowing she had made it to her destination. Her brain was filled with information and images of events that she needed to report to the Order or Cronus, immediately. Time was against her.

Marjorie stumbled her way out of the room and was struck with a rush of culture shock upon seeing the scantily dressed women, and ogling men. The smell of this time was a bit off putting, but in her condition, it was the least of her problems.

There was a tiny corridor that lead to the back exit, where another bouncer, dressed all in blue denim, and wore a white cowboy hat, stood guard. Marjorie walked passed a series of people giving her looks of disgust but it was of no concern to her. When she got to the top of the corridor, she hesitated…afraid to enter it.

“Is this real?” she spoke out loud as her finger tips tapped along the solid walls. They seemed real enough.

The pain she felt from the waste down was damn near paralyzing. Marjorie had to pull herself together and fast. She stood up straight, took a deep breath and marched towards the denim cowboy.

When she was in front of him, his eyes were soured by the look of her face. “Where you think you goin’?” he said with a strong, exaggerated, Texan accent that made going sound more like boing.

“I-I-“, Marjorie didn’t really know where she was going, she just knew she had to go.

“Bitch, do you even know what year it is or what planet you’re on?”

Good question, she thought. Marjorie hoped the calendar was right. “I just need some air, please-”

She tried to walk around him but he grabbed her by her wrist and held tightly.”Hold it, hold it, hold it…last time you went out for some air, we didn’t find ya till the next morning passed out in the back, bent over a dumpster…you ain’t goin nowhere.”

The next four words that came out her mouth were not her own. Matter of fact, she had never uttered those words in her life. No, it was another voice. The other woman inside, the owner of this vessel came forward to save her.

“I’ll suck your cock.” the voice of Rose Cheramie said.

The denim cowboy tipped his hat and was about to pull her into the men’s washroom, when Marjorie quickly suggested an alternative.”Wait, wait, wait. Come out back in five minutes and I’ll take care of ya.”

He thought about it for a few seconds and then reached into his breast pocket and took out a rolled cigarette. “Two, three puffs…then ya can go. I want you nice and ready for me…”

She wanted to say no, but she knew it wasn’t in Rose’s nature to, so she took the cigarette that he lit for her. Two pulls later, the pain was gone, along with her grip on reality. Marjorie was slowly losing her sanity.

The bouncer opened the door as the woman he saw as Rose, Cheramie, stumbled through it. “Five minutes…”

As soon as the door shut, Marjorie had five minutes to get away…five minutes…five minions…fire minions…(the image of a faceless man, standing under a burning sycamore tree, flashes in her mind)

Her mind was slipping. Two men, smoking and drinking some beers in the parking lot, leaning against a blue Chevy Nova, heard Marjorie rambling on about Jesus.

“The, the, the blood…of J-J-J-Jeeeeezzzzzzuuuuuuusaaaaah! It’s TAINTED!!!!! Don’t drink it! The devil drank it and now hell is cold!”

She lost her legs, and plopped on the ground like a deflated balloon. She could see the two men approaching,  and laughing at how pathetic the vessel, Rose Cheramie, was.

“I thought Jack said she’d be out later?”

“Who gives a damn. We need her to get by those cops.”

“Well, then, stop yacking and get packin’!”

They helped her up, carried her back to the Chevy, and tossed her in the back. This was not what Marjorie had planned for, but somehow, someway, the universe knew what it was up to and understood what needed to be done.

NOVEMBER 21, 1963


Marjorie woke up once again. She looked through the window of the backseat, and saw that the sun was up. Where on earth is she? She heard the two men in the front of the car arguing over something she saying, yet, she had no idea she was saying it.

“They gon’ kill him…they gon’ kill the president!” she shouted.

“There she goes again!” the driver yelled in a panic.

It wasn’t her. It was Rose Cheramie, who must be poking around in her head and came across that information, Marjorie figured.

“Alright! Alright!”, the man in the passenger seat tried to gather his thoughts, “what should we do?”

“Dump the bitch! She cost us 10k back there with that psycho shit! Unless she has Raoul’s guns…DUMP…THE…BITCH!”

“You’re right. Stop the car and we’ll let her out-”

“What if someone drives by and sees us?! Nuh uh. Climb in the back, and kick her ass out! NOW!!!!!” the driver demanded.

Marjorie’s vision was far too blurry to see the faces of the men who accosted her. The man in the driver seat climbed over to the back seat, unlocked the door and looked down at Rose Cheramie with pity. “At least stop the fucking car! Nobody’ll see us…”

The driver reluctantly pulled over allowing his partner the moment to shove Rose’s body out of the vehicle before peeling off down highway 190. She lay face down in the dirt on the side of the road, as constant images of John F. Kennedy’s head exploding and the multiverse imploding once a giant door closed, flooded her brain.

Twenty three minutes later, a cop car pulled up next to her. When the officer asked if she was alright, she replied,”Nooo! They’re gonna kill the president!”

When Lieutenant Frugé of the Louisiana Police Department, radioed this one in, he mentioned the fact that she was belligerent, and talking about an assassination attempt on the president. Though no official report was made, radio frequencies travel…and they travel very far and wide.

Her assassination claim was easily dismissed once they reached the hospital, and Rose (Marjorie was pushed back so far in the subconscious prison, it was pointless for Marjorie to try to come forward), became violent with the staff. The doctors kept her overnight, held down in restraints.

In the middle of the night, she turned her head to the window and looked out at the full moon shining through. The way the wind blew the curtains, reminded her of Marilyn Monroe’s infamous upskirt blow. She had no idea how she wound up in the hospital, but could feel the other woman inside of her. Rose’s right eye, shed a tear on Marjorie’s behalf, for the mission was a failure. She had no idea what the mission was, but felt Majorie’s sorrow and fear.

Just then, the door opened and the curtains froze mid-air. The entire hospital fell silent. She turned the other way and saw the silhouette of man who stood about five and half feet tall, wearing a fedora and gray, Mao suit.

He walked towards her slowly. She reacted with fear.

“S-s-s-s-saaaatan…I re-r-r-rebuke ya!” she cried out. The man pulled up a chair, and sat down next to her bed. The moonlight hit his face and she could see the reflection of the moon in his abstract, hexagonal, sunglasses.

“I hear you have a message to share? Will you share it?” the man asked while untying her restraints. His voice was soothing and he had an oriental accent.

Rose sat up in her bed as if she had just been brought back to life. Her eyes were wide and curious. “Who are you?” she asked.

He kindly removed his hat and nodded to her, “My name is Agent Li. May I ask, who might be?”

She couldn’t remember who she was. It was like a tug of war between identities going on inside her brain.

“I sense a great energy arising deep within you.” Agent Li said looking through his shades, seeing a red aura glowing faintly around her. “May I help you remember who you are?”

Rose nodded.

Agent Li stood up and walked over to the head of the bed where he place both of his thumbs and index fingers together in the shape of a triangle and rested them in the center of her forehead. “Just relax your mind…allow me to do the rest.”

The center of the triangle began to glow white, when Agent Li focused his mind. The white light filled the room then faded away. When Agent Li removed his fingers from her forehead, he took a step back, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

He reached inside of his jacket and brought forth a pen, a rolled up scroll sealed with a black, wax stamp, and handed it to her. When he looked at her again, it was Marjorie in her own body or at least an astral projection of it. She smiled at the agent.”I know you…you’re a good man…” she said.

“I am honored.” said agent Li. “From what year have traveled back or forth from?”

“2016. I am…I was…a guardian…of the dreamer..”

“As was I once before.”

“I failed…I lost the-”

Agent Li held up his hand to stop her from talking. It was not his place to hear or know these things. He was there for one reason and one reason only. “Please. Time is running thin. You must break the seal and make your report. I will see to it that it is delivered into the right hands.”

Marjorie smiled and nodded again. She took the scroll and broke the seal, unfolding the flax paper that she once used in the days of future passed, and began writing everything from how she came to be in this situation, to the information she was told, by the dream child, in her future.

Once she was done writing, she handed the pen and scroll back over to Agent Li, who then resealed it with a wax stamp, red this time, and placed it inside of his jacket.

He placed his hat upon his head again, and thanked her for her bravery. As he walked out the room, he felt sorry for the chrononaut who would most likely carry out the rest of her life in the body of the degenerate that had become, Rose Cheramie. She did it for the cause. She did it for the multiverse. That was all that mattered.

When the door closed behind him, the wind blew once more, the curtains continued flapping and life in the East Louisiana State Hospital carried on as if the beginning of the end was not upon them….




The cards never lie! Back in the 80’s, the Illuminatus Cards, predicted many things. One of them being, a staged alien invasion, by the UN. Now, in 2016, it seems like that plan is ready to put into full effect… Continue reading

Edgar Allan Poe’s : A Dream Within A Dream (MANDATORY READ)



Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?


Getting “LOST” Again…


Has it only been six years? Hard to tell, seeing how I re-watch the series over and over again, on Netflix. I’ve gotten over the finale-epic-fail and have since then, learned to appreciate the show for what it was: A one of a kind experience!

After seeing the success of the Star Trek movie franchise and Star Wars, I can’t help but imagine a world where J.J. Abrams announces on twitter one morning: “One way trip…back on flight 815…”. It would be genius!

I think it’s time that Bad Robot (minus Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, only because we want a fresh take) come up with a way to reboot and bring LOST to the big screen.

J.J.’s input on the show was minimal, though he has claimed at past comic con events, that some of his ideas were in the show but he never mentioned which. I’d love to see what an entire J.J. concept for LOST would be. I picture heavy mythology, more Island, more time travel and villains that would give Ben Linus and Charles Widmore a run for their evil money.

A totally new cast would fascinating while bringing back some of the originals (like Spock returning in Star Trek reboot) like Hurley,Walt, Jack (possibly as the new Smoke Monster), Ben and of course…Desmond, is crucial! I think what they did with Locke in the last season kinda killed the character for me (no pun intended) so I wouldn’t want to see him in a new island cycle (feelings may change based on character story arch).

Anyways, this is just a huge dream of mine. 2 years ago, I wrote a post about bringing the Dark Tower to life (one of the main inspirations behind LOST and my own writing) and here were are, getting ready for the release next year. Hopefully, we can get a big enough buzz going to plant this idea in old J.J’s head, ‘cuz let’s be honest…



PS: I plan to be one of the writers of the reboot…just putting it out there for the universe to hear 😉